Fighting Termites

Fighting TermitesTermites are insects that can wreck havoc in your house by eating up into the wood in your home. These small insects look like white ants and are drawn to damp wood quickly. In most cases they enter the house from the cracks in the walls and will work by making small pencil like tunnels to get from the wood to the soil. Termites need to draw water from the soil everyday and so will always attack wood that is either close to the ground or that is connected to the ground in some way.

If not checked in time termites can ruin your home by attacking the wood in there since they tend to spread rapidly. Below are a few tips on how to fight termite attacks:

  • Termite check Termites will attack wood from within and so in most cases the wood will seem unaffected from the outside. The first step here is to keep a check on the wood in your house to make sure that termites are not eating it from inside. Mud tubes are one indication of a termite attack in your house. These mud tubes can be on the floor, on the wood and may even be protruding out of cracks. Wood damage is another sign of termite attack. A honeycomb patch on the wood indicates termite attack and must be looked into immediately.
  • Termite removal – Termites live in colonies and if they find that the area is conducive to their living, they will begin to spread their colonies to other parts of your home. So, what may start off as just a small window panel attack, can if unchecked grow into a wood attack all over your home. Termite removal is rarely a DIY project since it requires some very strong chemicals and a fair share of expertise to get the job done. Hiring a licensed firm for the task is the best idea. Make sure you keep the kids away from the pesticides once the work begins and do not go in the area till the professionals give the go ahead.
  • Termite prevention – Of course the right way to deal with termites is to prevent them from entering your home so that you can keep the chemicals needs for eliminating them, out of the house too. Termites thrive on wood mostly though even paper works for them. They need water to live and shelter to grow their colony. When looking to prevent a termite attack you have to ensure that all these things are not made available to the insects. You must ensure that wood in your home is never in contact with the soil. Also do not store wood for fire work or your books in a damp area where it is touching the soil. The combination of wood, dampness and the soil is an open invitation to the termites to attack the house.

Termite attacks are known to be more frequent in some regions and less in dryer places. If you live in a damp area make sure that you are extra careful of a termite attack. Check frequently to be certain that these little insects are not eating into your precious wood work.

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