Finding Sanity as a Single Mother

Single MotherSingle motherhood is not easy, we know that. Raising children required unlimited patience, attentiveness and care. Moms need to strike a balance between being a rule maker and being a friend. You play with the kids and also make them do their homework. Sometimes they will tell a lie to you or keep secrets from you, and yet you need to build up their confidence in you, and raise them to be good human beings. Indeed motherhood is an easy journey!

Going through all this day to day, along with all other challenges, might trigger negative emotions, and we sometimes feel we are about to lose our mind. Here are some tips that will help you to keep our sanity as a mother and enjoy the kids even more:

  • Do not put yourself last – Mothers often tend to ignore their own needs and focus absolutely on the kids and the house. While this is a very noble thought and a great idea if one is looking to play mom for a week only, it just does not work in the long run. Do not put your needs on the back burner. You are a woman first and a mom later and while you must cater to the kids, it is also important that you keep in touch with your inner self. Right from going to the movies to visiting a beauty salon, to pamper yourself, to make you feel good – do it all from time to time.
  • Keep in touch with friends - Talking with friends will definitely keep your out of the shrink’s office. Do not lose touch with friends. Stay in touch with as many of them as you can. Right from phone calls, to chatting over coffee, you should keep doing it all. This social mesh is what will keep your sanity alive when you find everything piling on to you. It just refreshes your mind; it takes your mind away from the day to day routine.
  • Ask for help - Do not shy away from asking for help if you feel things are getting out of hand. Asking your mom to come over, calling a friend for help or even hiring a part time helper, any of this will do. Most moms will keep taking on more and more and not call out for help. Do not make this mistake. Right from your spouse to the neighbor ask anyone for help when you feel you need it.
  • See the larger picture - As mothers we need to take care of every little detail and this can often force us to focus on the small things only. Do not let your blood pressure rise if the laundry was not done over the weekend. Instead find time to do it as soon as possible. Remember, a few years down the line no one will care for the laundry and if you are able to see the larger picture then you will be able to balance the home grounds much better.

Keep the tips in mind and you are sure to sail through the tough times of motherhood smoothly and enjoy the good moments much more.

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