Finding The Right Learning Tools

Finding The Right Learning ToolsI don’t know if there is a kid in the world who likes math. Most I met hate it and mine have added science to it and made it even more difficult for me to see a good grade on their report card. As a single mom I do not get enough time to teach my kids. They mostly do their home work on their own and in case of a problem on the academic front will not even bother coming to me with it. I am an accountant so you can understand my frustration when I see a C minus for math on their reports. As a working single mom, time is not a luxury I enjoy, but my kids are my priority and so when they were getting poor grades consistently, I knew I had to look into the matter more seriously.

As an ‘aggressive’ mom, as my ex would often call me, I decided to tackle the situation head on. So the kids were informed that I would be coaching them for math half hour each day. Needless to say, it was a disaster of sorts. I would get to frustrated that they were able to not understand the basics of the subject and they on the other hand thought their mother had lost the plot completely since she was mostly losing her cool while teaching.

The sheer thought of their mom ‘teaching’ them was enough to make my kids run into their room. It did not take a genius to see that my system was failing drastically and so I decided to hire a tutor. My kids are 9 years and 11 years old and the fact that I was not being able to teach them was frustrating me no end. All the same the tutor was bought along and I cannot even begin to tell you the joy I felt when realized that the teacher was not getting much further than I was. Apparently I had scared the kids so much that math and them had become enemies of some sort.

I began to look for answers where any 21st century person would; the net it was for me. I tried to see how I could encourage the kids to better their math base and help them get over the math phobia that had developed in their mind. There is so much information on the net about how one can teach the kids many difficult concepts that almost any subject can be tackled well.

I began to adopt these math games and learning options to get the idea across to the kids. We started with the simpler stuff. So board games that encouraged numbers were bought into the house. Instead of a math session, I began my playing snakes and ladders with them. Then we moved on to card games that encouraged addition and subtraction and so on. In about a months’ time the kids had bettered their basic math skills and interestingly their relationship with me had also improved drastically.

At this point in time we bought back the tutor since a fair amount of academic guiding was still required. This time round the kids adapted much better to the subject and I could see the improvement in the grades too. Since I am obsessed with math, I was just too happy with the fact that my kids were no longer failing in the subject. At the parent teacher meeting my son’s teacher pointed out that he could use some help in science too and since my intervention had worked wonders in math, maybe I could look into this aspect too.

As  I consulted various sites offering kids resources I can safely say that the method of teaching does influence the comprehension of the child. While my son did not turn into a science genius overnight, he did learn better with these games and lessons on the net.

I will not deny that I do worry about how the kids are performing in school. Being the youngest of five siblings and the only one to have gone to college and gotten a well paying job, I am of the opinion that kids must know from day one that schooling is important and an education cannot be taken lightly. Even today despite my busy schedule, I make sure I have checked their school books and I know how they are fairing in school on a daily basis.

Downloading worksheets and games from the net has often helped me with driving a concept home with the kids. In fact there are many times when the children will not log on these sites and play something with each other which is actually helping them academically too.

With the right tool I feel almost any concept can be explained to the kids with ease. Thankfully the net has a lot to offer in this area. So single moms out there who are having difficulty with the kids in this area, do look up the net and you will be surprised at the resources available to you. Those single moms who are opting for home schooling will also find that the net is a great place to find some fantastic programs that can help you on the academic front.

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