Assistance for Single Moms in Florida

Single moms can receive help, grants and assistance in all cities and counties across the state of Florida. In addition to the state programs listed below single mothers will be able to get help with paying their bills from the numerous charities and organizations located in the state.

Food Assistance Program (SNAP)
The goal of this program is to help low-income Florida households and single mothers buy nutritious food. A household, or a group of people, that live together and also buy food and prepare meals together is what a food stamp household normally consists of. 866-762-2237.

The SUNCAP assistance program is a special Food Stamp Program available for single moms who currently receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI). 202-720-5964.

Housing Vouchers
Section 8 and other HUD resources can offer rental assistance to very low income families in Florida, including single moms, the disabled and senior citizens. Those that qualify can have a portion of their monthly rent paid by the program. 202-708-1112.

Florida Foreclosure Assistance and Mortgage Help
A partnership has been established between local town and county resources, non-profits, and the government to find to support low income single moms with mortgage payments.
Another program provides for foreclosure mediation.

Emergency Financial Assistance for Housing Program (EFAHP)
This program provides a one-time cash grant payment to those families who face the loss of shelter or are totally without shelter due to not paying their rent or mortgage. Families who have faced household disasters such as hurricane, flood, fire or other accidents can also receive help. For more information on this program dial 850-922-4691.

Debt Reduction, Credit and Housing Counseling Services in Florida
There are government certified non-profit credit and housing counselors from various companies that offer assistance in dealing with debts and credit issues. To contact the National Foundation for Credit Counseling dial 800-388-2227.

Social Services and Public Aid
Lower income families and single mothers can take advantage of a number of Florida programs and resources that will help them pay for their basic needs. Funds provided by the state can pay for energy bills, food, medical bills, housing costs, and other bills. Help in job search and employment is available as well.

The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF)
The Florida Department of Children and Families aims to protect the vulnerable, and also to promote strong and economically self-sufficient single moms and families is. Advancing personal and family recovery are also some of the main goals. 866-762-2237

Florida KidCare
Children who are not insured or under insured that are under 19 years of age can benefit from Florida’s low cost health insurance plan, Florida KidCare. 888-540-5437.

Florida Discount Drug Card
This is a discount card can provide eligible single moms a discount on virtually all prescription drugs. The Florida Discount Drug Card is accepted by almost 5000 pharmacies. For more information on the card dial 866-341-8894.

Florida Health Care Access Program
Florida has almost four million uninsured residents, including single moms, who can receive quality, affordable health insurance and full access to health care with the help of this assistance program. Florida’s residents can benefit from the six health insurance carriers that are in this plan which in turn offer over 20 health insurance products, and each health insurer offers at least two benefit options. A catastrophic plan with hospital coverage and preventive care plan is included. 386-676-7110 for individual health plan inquiries.

This program provides lower income single moms with medical coverage and grants. The Medicaid programs expenses are shared by both the state of Florida and the federal government. Medicaid eligibility is extended to:

  • Low income families with kids
  • Pregnant women
  • Children only
  • Non-citizens with medical bills and emergencies
  • Aged and/or disabled individuals or families that are not currently receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

866-762-2237 is the number you should dial to apply for Medicaid with the help of the Department of Children and Families (DCF).

Community Clinics and Health Care Centers
Single moms, seniors, children, and families who are uninsured or have limited health insurance policies can benefit from free or low cost health in Florida.
The program also provides help with medical bill assistance, insurance, checkups, prescription medications, medical care services, free dental services, such as cleaning. Some clinics may offer some services on a sliding fee scale. 561-844-9443 to contact the Florida Community Health Centers.

Disability Benefits and Programs
The state of Florida offers several resources that focus on meeting the needs of disabled residents. While some programs offer home care, equipment, and additional support, other programs can provide financial aid. 866-273-2273 to contact the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD).

Subsidies for Child and Day Care Expenses
Government assistance, including the School Readers Program can help families in Florida pay for a portion of their child care costs. Parents that are working, in job training, or seeking employment are provided subsidies by the state. To get in touch with the Child Care Assistance Program, call 888-524-3578.

Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA)
The TCA program will provide cash assistance and grants to all single mothers that have children under the age of 18, or under the age of 19 if they are fulltime secondary school. The technical, asset and income requirements must also be met by the children. While allowing children to remain in their own homes this aid program helps families become self-supporting. Women in the 9th month of pregnancy or in the 6th month of pregnancy if unable to work, may also receive TCA assistance. Everyone from parents, minor siblings to children who live in together must also apply together. For more information contact the Florida Department of Children and Families at 866-762-2237.

Self-sufficiency and Referrals
A community action agency can be contacted by single moms, the working poor, senior citizens, and struggling individuals. Employment services, emergency aid, help in applying for government resources and job training are some of the services provided by these non-profits that are located throughout the state.

Florida Employment Resources
State operated centers offer help to the unemployed or underemployed (such as part time workers), in order to find a job or gain new skills. Residents will be provided with training, job search assistance, use of computers, and more.

Free Legal Aid
There are non-profit law firms that provide free civil legal services for low to moderate income families and single moms throughout the state of Florida.

Florida Lifeline Assistance Program
Low income single moms can benefit from free phone and cellular service. The Lifeline program offers credit for $13.50 a month for a land line phone bill, or approximately 60 free cellphone minutes a month. Safelink, one of the companies offering the program, supports almost 600,000 families with free phone service in Florida. 800-342-3552.

Air Conditioning and Energy Bills
Most companies can provide help for their low income and senior customers. Financial assistance programs and resources are offered at both county level and also by Florida’s utility bill assistance programs. 850-717-8450 to contact the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

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