Food to Keep You Warm Through Winter

MeatsWhen winter comes most of us stock up on woolens and jackets, and even cleana up the fire place in our homes. We turn the thermostat up, and everything that we can do to keep ourselves warm, we do. The one part that many of us ignore is our food.

Yes, there are foods that can keep us warm and they go way beyond soup. Eating hot food does not mean that the food will keep us warm. It does give us some warmth but it is short lived. There are some foods that help us stay warmer for longer.

Here are some of these foods:

  • Ginger and garlic – Both ginger and garlic are known to be healthy foods and also those that help the body to stay warm. Adding garlic and ginger in everyday foods that you eat will help you to keep your body temperature warmer even in winters. The less you cook these foods, the more you retain their nutrition, so make sure you simply sauté the ginger in garlic and go ahead and add them to everything right from pasta to burgers to even your vegetables.
  • Soya – Another protein rich food that is highly recommended during the winter months is soya. These foods also help to raise the blood pressure and keep the body warm during the winter months.
  • Meats –  Those of us who are not vegetarians can benefit from adding meats to their diet during the colder months. Right from red meats to fish to even poultry products, all of them help the body stay warmer from within. The high content of protein in these foods helps to raise the Ph levels of our system and thereby keep the body warmer.
  • Fat – There are good fats and bad fats and it is important to increase the intake of good fats during the winter months. Fats like olive oil and even pure butter help to keep the body warm during the winter months. So try and cook your meals in these good fats so as to stay warm during winters.
  • Spices – Most spices help to keep the body circulation going and adding small quantities of seasonal spices to your foods will therefore aid in keeping the body warmer. Cinnamon is a good example of a spice that you should add to your foods during the colder months as is black pepper.
  • Almonds –  This is a nut that is rightly known as a powerhouse. Almonds help to generate heat in our body and consuming a few everyday during the winter months is great for the heart as well. Keep in mind that you need not soak the almonds in water during the winter months while the summers demand that you do so.

So plan your winter meals with foods that help you stay warm and you will find that not only do you feel more energetic but are able to keep that heating bill also in check.

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