From “Stay at Home Mom” to “Working Mom”

Taking a break from work to raise your kids is mostly a viable option for many moms. However, once the situation is back in control and the children can do well without having the mother with them at all given times and its time to go back to work that the problem arises. Moving back to a working mom is not very easy. There are several aspects that have to be adjusted not only at the child’s front but also your own habits.

Below are a few tips that will help you go from a stay at home mom to a working one with least amount of bother:

  • Prepare the kids – Once you decide to get back to work, the first step is to prepare the kids on this front. If you are going back to a full time 9 to 5 job, let the kids know that they may not see mommy around the house at all given times, but she will be back once her work at the office is over. Children should not feel abandoned when you return to work. Just a few talk sessions will assure the child that you are not taking away from the kids love or time.
  • Prepare for the kids – Another important task that needs to be done when you go back to working is ensure that the kids are well looked after and safe while you are at work. In case the child is too small, organize a babysitter or caregiver to look after the baby’s needs while you are at work. If the children are older you could have them stay at a day school or crèche while you are at work. The bottom line being that the children need to be catered too during the time that you are working.
  • Prepare yourself – When getting back to work, you will need to pull up your socks in more than one way. So right from finding the proper work clothes to getting a work attitude, you will need to look into it all. Remember, now that you are getting back to work you will have extra responsibilities and unless you learn to organize your day well and find the energy too keep up with the added load, things are not going to work well. This preparation needs to be both mental and physical since you will need all your abilities to get back into the groove.

Getting back to work is not a one day process and you must keep in mind that some problems are bound to arise initially. So even if you find a few issues bothering you, do not lose hope. Develop a time table that allows you to keep on top of things and stick with it even if you find it difficult initially. Within a few weeks the children as well as the rest of the household will fall into place. So keep the tips listed above in mind and go back to work prepared to conquer the situation.


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  1. Amber Rose says

    Being a single mother has its difficulties because your not really just a single “Mom” you also have to play the role of the father too. You have to be nurturing, supportive, and also provide discipline. One minute your child is your best friend and the next they are upset with you because you came home tired from working all day, and your child left the kitchen a mess, and of course you were overly frustrated. Its a constant challenge to maintain balance. The best advice I can give is to have open communication with your child, and start this at a young age. Not open to where your child could potentially speak to you in a disrespectful manner, but allow your child to feel comfortable telling the good and the bad. I found when I explained things to my daughter she began to become more understanding of my situation. It is important to teach your child, boy or girl, what it means to take care of the home. Especially if you are a working parent. Teach your child how to clean their room, to clean up after themselves, and possibly even help clean things around the house. You could even add an incentive depending on your budget, and pay your child an allowance. Maybe start off with $2.00 a week if they can windex the windows, or vacuum the carpet once a week (assign house duties dependent on age), etc. Not only can this help take some weight off of you, but to also allows you (the parent) to have more quality time to spend with your child, and most importantly teaches your child good healthy habits :)

  2. Pamela Church says

    My name is Pamela Church and I live near Windsor Ontario. I grew up with a single mom and three sisters. My mother worked afternoons as a custodian for the school board. She earned a decent living being the most frugal woman I know but the work was hard and I feel she was always tired because of it. We never had to go on welfare or have assistance and I am so proud of her for that but sad that she missed out on seeing us girls grow up and still miss that connection. Being a mother of 2 now I have always been determined to find that balance. I achieved that balance working as receptionist at a chiropractors and having a cleaning business but still felt like I was always running and just going through the motions of life rather then really enjoying them. Because I am a firm believer that if you keep looking and hold your head up you will find opportunity and that is what I did. I am now working with a network marketing company that carries products that are so incredible that my boss the chiropractor is carrying them in our office. The business model is so empowering and the potential to earn 6 figure plus income is what is attracting professional globally. The reason I writing you today is because there convention coming March 1, 2014 in Detroit and I would like to invite all moms who are ready to find that balance. For more information please email or call Pam T 1.519.324.2723
    Registration required due to limited seating.

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