Valuable Advice for all Single Moms

While everyone else seems to get some rest for their jobs, there is never an off day for a single mom.

The readership for this section is very diverse. You come from all different backgrounds, by way of culture, age, professional background, income, and more. The theme of this section is about single motherhood and, as single moms have complex and difficult lives, sometimes it is very comforting knowing others have experienced similar trials.

Find here tips and advice on how to save time and money while maintaining a household, leaving you more time for rising your kids. See other moms’ perspective, learn from their experience.

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Diapering for Single Moms

Diapering for Single Moms

Choosing how you will diaper your new baby can be one decision that can really save you money and time and as a single mother I am sure you want to save both. To help you with your decision we will point out some of the advantages and disadvantages of cloth and disposable diapers. Disposable ... Read More »

What Do Successful Moms Do? They Inspire!

What Do Successful Moms Do? They Inspire!

We all want to succeed in our businesses! We want to be financially independent. We want to make a difference, find fulfillment and use our gifts. But we also want to be there for our kids. What most of us don't realize is that we can have both: an opportunity to make a huge difference in the world ... Read More »

It’s All About Attitude

It's All About Attitude

Melphine Evans' 15-year-old daughter calls her mom her hero. That's probably because with all her work responsibilities, this single mom manages to sing songs with her children first thing in the morning and make it to their games later in the day. On the job, as Controller of Centralized Functions ... Read More »

Teaching Assistant Program in France

Teaching in France

Teach English in France! Are you ready to expand your cultural horizons and share your language and culture with French students? The Teaching Assistant Program in France offers you the opportunity to work in France for 7 months, teaching English to French students of all ages. Each year, nearly ... Read More »