Handling Kids in Pain

Sad boyChildren will often hurt themselves and while sometimes you can simply hug and make it better, other unfortunate times you may find yourself in an emergency room. There is hardly a child who has grown up without suffering some fall or the other. How the child handles the pain will vary from kid to kid but in most cases loud crying and sometimes even resisting treatment are common signs.

Caring for a child who is in pain can be a difficult task. However, if you know the right way to go about it, you may be able to calm the kid and also lessen her pain. Here are some tips:

  • Assess the pain quotient – If you child is crying in pain and you are not sure of the problem, begin by assessing the pain quotient. Ask the child how she would rate the pain on a scale of one to ten. Most hospitals also follow a similar routine and it helps them judge the level of the kid’s pain. Ask the child if it hurts enough to have to go to a doctor or should mom just hold it for a bit to make it better. As kids grow older, help them understand the type of pain that they are experiencing. Ask questions like is it a throbbing pain, is it in spasms is it hurting continuously, etc.
  • Comfort the child – The next step is to try and comfort the child. In some cases a hugs will work, while in others you may need to offer an ice pack. Do whatever makes the child comfortable. The type of comfort you offer will largely depend on the kind of pain the kid is suffering from. It is important to comfort the child and help her control her pain.
  • Distract – Children are easy to distract and when in pain we should try to divert their attention elsewhere. Anything from television to a story book to even a toy can work. In case your kid is older try something more fascinating like video games. This techniques works in cases where the child is anticipating pain as well. So if taking your kid for a shot, instead of focusing on the shot itself, try and divert the child’s attention to something else. If your kid is looking at a wound and crying persistently, try and make the kid look away and focus on something else.

A child in pain is no mothers delight. Seeing her kid cry can make the mom feel miserable too. However, do not lose control of your emotions. Children draw strength from their mother and staying in control of the situation is very important here. So be it a small injury or a big one, keep your wits and control the situation to the best of your ability.

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