Head of Household: Money Management for Single Parents

Head of Household bookManaging a household budget in today’s economy can be frustrating, agonizing, and even depressing. But for single-parent families—often faced with limited resources and options—getting a grip on household finances can be an overwhelming task.

Now there is specific, practical help for anyone trying to get a handle on their finances while heading a family on their own. Praeger Publisher’s new Head of Household: Money Management for Single Parents, by Kara Stefan, explores a variety of basic financial topics with information and advice geared specifically to the priorities of single-parent households.

Head of Household provides in-depth coverage of 11 issues of primary concern to today’s single parent, including budgeting, childcare, health care, and housing. As a veteran financial writer, Stefan knows how to translate the field’s intricacies into a language we all can understand. As a long-time single parent, she is acutely aware of the difficulties others face in trying to manage money on their own.

Head of Household is unique in that it:

  • Offers the advice of a seasoned single parent who works in the financial services and insurance industries
  • Communicates in a clear, casual, and easy-to-understand voice for people with little to no experience managing finances
  • Provides nontraditional advice for realistic single-parent situations as opposed to mainstream financial advice for “ideal” situations
  • Helps single parents refocus their priorities and learn to appreciate the advantages and rewards of single parenting, both personal and financial

Combining her two areas of expertise, Stefan has created a resourceful, level-headed, often hilarious guide, filled with stories of real families and a wealth of solid, creative solutions for the financial situations single parents most often face.

Article by Kara Stefan

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