Living Healthy and Body Care

As mothers we have to take care of not only our health but also the health of the rest of the family.
While everyone else seems to get some rest for their jobs, there is never an off day for a single mom. Usually, we tend to put the children’s health before ours, but we need to make every effort to live and be healthy so that we can dedicate themselves to provide for our children even as single moms it is difficult to find the time to tend to sick kids, especially when also working.

Single moms find here tips for living healthy without stress, tips on eating healthy without the pain of diets, tips on buying the right food, tips on living a less stressful life, advice on how to avoid getting sick, tips on body care and more...

Fighting Dry Skin During Winter

Fighting dry skin

Winters always spells trouble for the skin and the hair. The skin loses moisture during the colder months and this leads to intense dryness and also lays the foundation for wrinkles and fine lines. In some cases the dryness could also lead to itchiness and cause rashes also. With just a little care we can avoid all of these problems  Read More »

Ten Tips for Happier, Healthier Holidays

Happy Holidays

The holidays. The people, the parties, the food, the gifts, the wonder of it all… and the stress. If past holiday seasons have brought you more discomfort than ease, consider adopting some small changes in your attitudes and habits. Here’s a list of suggestions that can shift your stress to joy in no time! 1) Breathe – There is scientific  Read More »

Dealing With Itchy Skin in Winter

Itchy Skin in Winter

While summers can be hash for the skin, winters come with their set of problems. Dry and itchy skin seems to be an issue almost everyone combats during the winter months. Having to wear layers of clothing and also woolen garments tends to add to the problem even more. Also due to the dipping temperature most of us avoid applying  Read More »

Are You Getting Sick?

Getting Sick

As single mothers we tend to put the children’s health before ours. While everyone else seems to get some rest for their jobs, there is never an off day for a single mom. Needless to say, this often translates to our accumulation of stress, fatigue, which makes us susceptible to serious illnesses. Unfortunately, we tend to ignore the early signs  Read More »

Dealing with a Bee Stings

Bee on a flower

Bee stings are very painful, and in some rare cases these stings can also turn fatal if the person is allergic to the sting. A swamp of bees may attack together and this could become quite a huge problem, which is not to say that a single bee sting is any less serious. Be it an adult or a child,  Read More »

Managing Work and a Sick Kid

Sick Kid

The one problem that working moms often suffer from is having to handle work and a sick child at the same time. While it is possible to leave kids at home with sitters or in daycare when they feel fine, when they get sick, the scenario changes completely. Most sick kids will pine for their mothers and working moms don’t  Read More »