Help Raise Your and Your Family’s Immunity

Exercise regularlyAs mothers we have to take care of not only our health but also the health of the rest of the family. If anyone in the house gets sick, we have to tend to them and nurse them. Then kids get sick one after another. As single moms it is difficult to find the time to tend to sick kids, especially when also working.

This is the reason why it is important to boost the immunity of the family, and keep sickness at bay.

Some tips below will help boost your and your family’s immunity

  • Exercise regularly – Make sure that you and your kids exercise regularly. You should get in about 4 days of exercise every week, while the kids should exercise even more. Exercise helps us build our immunity system and strengthens it against germ attack. Cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and almost all other ailments can be combated better with a good exercise plan. It is a scientific fact that those who exercise have a higher immunity system and are therefore less likely to catch infections.
  • Eat well – We are what we eat. In most cases we are in a hurry and pick from the grocery shelves what we see, without thinking of the health aspect. Make sure you feed the family a balanced diet so that they do not stock up of bad carbohydrates and unhealthy snacks. Make sure you include fruit, curd, milk, protein and carbohydrates in the right proportions in their meals. It is important that the family is getting fresh foods that are healthy and help them keep their immunity up. Make sure when you go for your grocery shopping you pick out the right kind of foods to bring home and keep the unhealthy stuff out.
  • Stay happy – A happy home is less likely to have too many sick people…  As a mother, it is important that you try and keep the atmosphere of the home happy and also keep your spirits up.
  • Smoke free zone – Just in case there are still family members who smoke, there is no justification for anyone to smoke close to you and your kids. We rarely realize it but when we smoke in the house, the kids also inhale this smoke and this passive smoking can lower their immune system drastically. Since most of us use air conditioning, fighting off the remnants of smoke can get to be very difficult. So as a rule, declare your home a smoke free zone and do not break this rule under any case.

There are many kinds of foods that help to build immunity and including them in your diet plan will help a lot. Keep the above listed tips in mind and you will fare better in keeping ailment away from your home.

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  1. Singlemom says

    It is a good practice to have fresh fruit around the house instead of quick snacks. After a while your family will start to appreciate the difference in their bodies and enjoy the change in diet. Another good option is to make smoothies in the morning, I like to buy frozen fruits from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods and use the fruit instead of ice (helps keep the drink cool) add a little bit of agave syrup, some fresh orange juice (or juice of your choice) various vitamin powders and blend it up! Walaah!! A yummy healthy juice drink…

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