Helping your Daughter Deal with Puberty

PubertyPuberty is a difficult time for young girls and while on one hand they are battling the changes that their body is undergoing on the other they also have to come to terms with their hormones. As mothers we need to take special care of our girls at this time. We understand what they are going through and helping them to come to terms with these changes is very important.

Below are some tips on how to help your daughter to deal with her puberty:

  • Explain and answer – Begin by talking to your daughter about how she should expect the signs of puberty. Begin with simple things like how her breasts will get bigger, how she will begin her cycle, etc. when you start this conversation, be prepared to explain the full deal to her. In most cases your daughter will ask a few questions and you must answer them honestly and clearly too. A talk with your daughter about her puberty may also lead to how babies are conceived and you must not shy away from this. Do not leave anything unexplained so that your girl is prepared for puberty in every way.
  • Demonstrate practically – While the talk will help your daughter, it is important that you show her by practical demonstrations too. Have her take a look at your bra and explain to her how she will need one too. Explain the cup sizes and the chest measurements too. Go on to show her a sanitary napkin and also how it is used. Ask your daughter to put on a bra and see how she feels. Similarly teaching her how to use a sanitary napkin even before she starts her period will come in handy when she needs them. As a precaution, do keep a sanitary napkin in her bag if you feel that her time is drawing closer.
  • Moral support – No matter how much you prepare your daughter for puberty; she is bound to be a bit shaken when it does hit. At this time you will need to be there for her as her mother and friend. Offer moral support and reassure her over and over again. At this time girls will begin to wonder if they are pretty or if they are looking good in certain clothes. Instead of telling them that these are frivolities, offer support and help her feel good about herself. The easier you are on her at this time, the smoother she will sail through her puberty issues.

Do keep in mind that when talking to your daughter about puberty; do not wait too long to talk to her about it. If your daughter knows what to expect, she will take the changes more kindly than otherwise. Also try and keep a tab on how her friends are faring at puberty and in case you daughter has hit it earlier, be prepared to b there for her even more, since kids tend to tease a lot on this front.

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