Home Ownership Programs for Single Moms

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own home?
Now I know you ALL answered yes to that one! Well guess what, it might be easier that you thought.

There are loans out there to help with the purchase for low-income families and assistance for applying for grants.

Going through a foreclosure, we have resources for that too. The Homebuyer Tax Credit HFA Loan Programs are available to help buyers that need down payment and closing cost assistance when purchasing a home with the tax credit. These HFAs are offering special short-term second loans to qualified buyers, for little or no interest and may be repaid with the homebuyer tax credit refund.

Home ownership is a dream that isn’t as hard to reach as we sometimes may think. Take a look around, you just might find what you didn’t even know you were looking for.

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California: Mercy Housing – Home Ownership Programs

California: Mercy Housing - Home Ownership Programs

Through our Mutual Self-Help Housing Program and our Down Payment Assistance Programs, Mercy Housing California offers people the opportunities to own their own home. Mercy Housing California's Self-Help Housing Program enables low-income families to own an affordable home built with their own ... Read More »