House Breaking a Pet Pup

Pet PupPups are adorable and almost everyone wants to cuddle them. However despite there cuteness, a lot of us will shiver at the prospect of bringing these adorable darling home and the main reason for this is the cleaning after factor that comes into play. Pups can take up to two to three months to get house broken and cleaning up after them is no ones idea of fun.

If this is the sole reason why you are putting off bringing home a pup, the tips below will help a lot and you will be able to enjoy the little dog without having to bother too much:

  • Designate a spot – Now while you know where all you don’t want the dog to do its job, it is important that you begin by designating a spot where you do want the dog to go. In case you have open space like a lawn or a fenced backyard and would like to animal to do its job here, designate it for this purpose. Don’t open your entire lawn to the pup instead a corner would work better. Those who have apartments can have a sand box where the animal can go and do its job.
  • Watch your pup – The first rule to avoid dirty cleanups is to keep your pup supervised as far as possible. Each time you find that the dog is going to relive itself in the house, say ‘no’ firmly and take it to the spot where the pup is supposed to do its job. Over time the animal will learn to go to this spot when answering nature’s call. Of course here too you will need to verbally show your approval to your pet for having gotten it right. Do not show your approval with treats since the dog will come to expect these every time.
  • Know the timings – Just like we need to know when to make a baby sit on the toilet when potty training, we also need to know when to put the dog out to do its job. Most pups will need to be taken out right after their nap an also after each meal. While initially the pup will go more frequently, over time this will a maybe twice a day schedule and thereby become easier to manage. Soon the dog also learns when it will be taken out and then will adjust accordingly.

House breaking a pup does take some effort but if you are vigilant, you will find that your pet is trained within a few days. For those who feel that they do not have the time to get the task done, one can try and pick a pup that is already trained in this department or have a dog trainer come in and do the needful. There are certain dogs that are very intelligent and you will be surprised at how fast they learn. So if the housebreaking is what is keeping you from getting a pup, simply adopt these rules and your problem will be solved.

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