How I Became a Single Mother

It all began with my brother in law who stays in UK. When he came to Uganda for his wedding ceremony, it was the last time I was happy with my husband. I realized afterward that he had come for his wedding and to spoil my marriage. When he came from UK, he brought a girl for my husband. My husband started coming home late and he suddenly changed to a very bad person. By that time I was pregnant with our second baby.  All this happened, but I didn’t have any idea about him going out with another woman. I talked to my mother about it and she told me to cool down since I was pregnant.

Later I found about the affair my husband had and I was surprised that this girl knew that my husband had a wife and a kid and that I was pregnant. On day this girl called on phone and she told me that she is taking my husband from me because she has a lot of money, which I don`t have and yet my husband needs money. She even told me that my pregnancy was a mistake my husband had made.

One day my husband called me on phone and he told me that his boss had offered him a ticket to go and study in south Africa for three months. He told me that he was going to give me all the help that we would need for the three months he was going to be away. He told me he was not sure of the day he was going to South Africa. After three days he called on phone informing me that he was at the airport leaving for South Africa. I asked him about the money I was going use to look after me and my children and he told me that he had left everything with his brother. Immediately I called his brother about the money and he told me that he had not left any money with him.

I called at my husbands work place to ask about the abrupt departure of my husband and I explained all about the trip to South Africa and they told that all that was a lie. I tried to get him on phone before he boarded the plane, but he refused to talk to me. I was shocked to discover that my mother in law had escorted my husband to the airport. I was lucky that this happened when I had given birth because I was almost running mad that day. I felt betrayed so much and from that day my life changed completely.

It is now two years since that happened and am real trying so much to see that I survive with my two children. Much as the cost of living in Uganda is rising now and then. My son is now in middle class and my daughter is starting nursery school next year in 2012. I need prayers from all of you single mothers like me. God bless you all.

Josephine L.

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