How to Enjoy the Holiday Season as a Diabetic

15875174_sRum cakes, plum cakes, cinnamon muffins, ginger bread mans, and the list is unending. Come the holiday season and desserts take center stage. Those of us who suffer from diabetes dread this time of the year since everywhere one looks there’s something sweet to be found.

So if you are also someone who suffers from diabetes and are looking for ways to enjoy the holiday season without your blood sugars rising like the high tide, the tips below will come in handy:

  • Eat healthy – When it comes to the holiday season, almost everyone seems to be eating in large quantities and the entire concept of healthy eating goes flying out of the window. As a diabetic patient you can enjoy the luxury of eating more but you cannot ignore the healthy quotient of the food that you do eat. So if it is a chocolate cake that you are biting into, stop after a bite or two. On the other hand if it is a steamed fish on toast snack that you are eating, you can eat to your hearts content. If you can stick to healthy foods, then maintaining your sugar levels will be a cake walk for you.
  • Don’t over exert - A common mistake that most diabetics make during this time of the year is over exerting themselves. The shopping, the late night get-togethers and the lack of rest, all combine to cause intense fatigue, which in the case of a diabetic can be very dangerous. It is therefore important that during this time you keep a good watch on your physical exertion and also set a reminder timer that allows you to eat periodically so as to keep the sugar levels from diving.
  • Monitor sugar levels - When it comes to the holiday season, it is crucial that you monitor your sugar levels often. When you follow a proper routine, your sugar levels behave in a certain fashion. However since during the holiday season this routine goes haywire, it is important that you keep a close watch on your sugar levels. In case the levels fluctuate, you should treat them accordingly and timely. So right after shopping and an eating binge take your sugar levels to ensure that all is well with you.
  • Do not miss medication- Often due to the hectic nature of the holidays, we tend to overlook our medication and this can even turn fatal for a diabetic. It is crucial that no matter how busy you are, you take all your medication on time and in the proper manner.

Diabetes is a disease that can be controlled and you can lead a normal life if you keep certain aspects in mind. There is no reason why you should deprive yourself during the holiday season if you suffer from this disease. Simply keep the tips listed above in mind and remember that moderation is the key here and you will be able to enjoy this time of the year just as much as the next person.

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