How to Identify Food Allergies in Kids

Food AllergiesIt is a fact that food allergies effect over 6% of the children all over the world, and if not diagnosed in time can turn extremely dangerous. As single moms we must know what the symptoms of food allergies are so that we are able to identify the problem and consequently manage it properly.

Some tips below will help you to understand if your kid has food allergies:

  • Symptoms – Food allergies often manifest themselves as hives on the skin, vomiting, swollen lips, stomach cramps, anaphylaxis, dizziness, etc. some children will experience these symptoms in a mild manner while others may fall prey to it in a bigger way. As a mom you will need to be careful if you find that your kid is suffering from these symptoms. In case any of these symptoms come up too often and you find that it is when the child has certain foods, you can be sure that they are food allergies.
  • Medical tests – In case you do suspect that you kid is suffering from food allergies, do not waste time and seek out an allergy test ASAP. This test will be able to identify the foods that you kid is allergic to and help you to manage the situation better. There are many tests that help to identify food allergies, but the prick test has proved to be most affective so far. There are also tests where the child will be given the food that you think he/she is allergic to and the doctor will observe the child to see the reactions that the food causes in the kid. Of course the prick test is more comprehensive.
  • Management – While there is no denying the fact that your doctor will lay down the basics of how you will need to manage the situation depending on the results of the test, it is also true that you will need to be extra attentive too. Make sure that you kid is not exposed to the foods that he/she is allergic to. Always keep the SOS medication at hand so that in case of an emergency you are prepared. Make it a habit to read food labels so that you are sure that the food your kid is allergic to is not in the said food. Ask specifically in restaurants what all has gone into the dish that you are ordering for your kid. It is also important that you make the child wear a medical band that helps servers in school know that the kid has food allergies.

While food allergies can be quite a handful, it is also important that you remember that they are not always lifelong.  It is best suggested that you get a test done every year in order to check if the allergies continue to bother the child or has he/she recovered from it. In the case of infants, lactose intolerance is common and here too one should get a test annually to see if the child is taking to milk after all.

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