How to Stay Healthy – Tips for Single Moms

How to Stay HealthySingle mothers, more than anyone else, cannot afford to get sick. We need to take the kids to school, cook, pick them up, do household chores, and sometimes also have a part time or full time job. We cannot get sick! Those of us who have younger kids know that getting sick is a luxury we cannot afford as single moms. The only way to prevent this situation s to give our health the attention it requires. If we are able to take care of our immunity and keep it up, our chances of getting sick are minimized.

A few tips below will help to keep our health quotient high:

  • Eat and sleep – You may be a single mom, but you are not an alien. You need to eat healthy foods and you need to get adequate rest in order to keep healthy. Make sure that you get at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep in a night. Do not make the mistake of working late and then waking up early in order to get more work done. This will only end up with you getting sick and doing more damage than good. Similarly it is important that you stay away from fast foods and always eat healthy. Fresh greens, nuts, soya, milk, fruits, etc all must form a part of your diet. A balanced diet plan and proper rest are the two most essential needs of leading a healthy life.
  • Exercise and relax – Exercise is very important for our body and while we may be working 12 hours a day in the office do not confuse this with a gym workout. Always make time for your exercise routine. Most single mothers will see exercise as nothing more than a weight loss program and may therefore shelve it. That is not good. Exercise helps us to keep our bodies healthy and even if you are a very thin person, you must exercise regularly. An half an hour walk five times a day will keep you away from serious problems like heart attacks, cholesterol and even osteoporoses. Along with exercising, you must relax also. Take a few hours a week off and simply relax and rejuvenate. Massaging your hair and body and simply doing nothing for a few hours will help your body to get stronger and keep the ailments at bay.
  • Check ups and medication – It is important that single moms do not shelve their routine check ups. In most cases we tend to believe that we are doing fine since there are no symptoms but this is not always true. As a single mom it is important that you get all your check ups done periodically and in case there are some medications that need to be taken, you take them on time. Ignoring the medication or not following the doctors orders will only land you into a bigger mess. So do not forgo your checkups and your medications in trying to get the daily chores completed.

Staying healthy is essential for a single mother and sadly sometimes we tend to put our health last in trying to take care of everyone else around us. Keep the tips listed above in mind and remember you can only care for everyone else if you are feeling healthy yourself.

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