If You’re Afraid to Go It Alone, Don’t Read This!

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If you don’t need the bed all to yourself, don’t read this! If you love sharing the milk jug in the refrigerator with someone who sneaks a slurp or two, don’t read this! If you don’t mind living with a slob, don’t read this! If he’s insanely jealous that you having male friends in addition to your female friends, don’t read this! If he’s so adorable hogging the remote and being the master controller of the thermostat, then . . . well?

There are those who believe that if you are not in a relationship and prefer living alone, you just exit and don’t really live. Yes! When it’s five below zero in the middle of winter and he insists on sleeping with the bedroom window open, now, that’s living! Is that guy the Prince Charming you waited for all of your life?

Those who try to influence you with fear and negativity will never understand the strengths of flying solo. They’re bullies who never experience the possibilities because they don’t want to know. It may be true that there are some who are really living life and those who are just existing, but the latter is not true for the majority of singletons and factually, countless men and women end up just existing when locked in a marriage.

Um, is this 2013?

Guess what? No matter what the cowardly bullies say, you don’t have to be one half of a couple to feel complete. Single people who have chosen to remain single are actually enjoying life, especially in the way they choose to live. Single men and women have been labeled many negatives, but until you embrace the possibilities, you’ll never know.

You may want to try living single for a period of time before you enter into another relationship and you’re bound to discover who you truly are. In this so-called sophisticated and evolved society, people will knock you down for managing your life on your own without a spouse or partner. It’s true that single parents cannot possibly give equitable time, energy and creativity compared to what two parents can do. However, life goes on in the same manner as when you’re the sole grocery shopper, mower of the lawn, changer of every light bulb and air-filler-upperer of every flat bicycle tire. It all gets done and you are a champion.

If you’re like some women who convince themselves that they can tolerate mediocrity with a condescending mate, then why are you still reading this? One of the saddest moments you can experience is when you’ve realized how lonely you are in a relationship. No matter what you have tried to stay committed, communicate or make an effort toward building your relationship with your partner or spouse, you discover that you’ve wasted precious time. Your time- your life.

Doggie Doo and Cat Vomit

I will admit that it would be nice for someone else to handle a few chores now and then, especially when the gross things that cats do make it impossible to get the stains out of the carpet. Hair balls aside, there is one great benefit to having sole responsibility of walking your dog. You get fresh air, exercise and both you and your buddy cherish the time you’ve spent together. You may have to convince yourself now and then that you’ll survive when your Golden Retriever is taking ten minutes to pee on one bush and the frost is developing into icicles on your eyelashes. It is most definitely true that what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. It’s huge. Taking the first step across the threshold into single status is all about strength and courage.

Serenity is the Key

In what is probably the most complicated and challenging times in our world, peace and serenity are hard to find. If you’re ready to make a change, find the happiness you deserve and not laden yourself with insurmountable guilt, it’s time to go and you have had the key all along.

From “Single 101, 101 Reasons to Celebrate Being Single”, remember Reason #24- you never have to be afraid to go it alone. Thanks for reading through to the end!

Article by Celeste Friedman
Author of “Single 101: 101 Reasons to Celebrate Being Single”
Single-101.blogspot.com / Single-101.com

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