Is Your Child watching too Much TV?

 Is Your Child watching too Much TV?The television has rightly been called the idiot box and this is why as single moms we have to be very careful that we do not expose our kids to this problem. While a little television is fine for kids and may even help them relax, going overboard can result in lack of attention, higher risk of obesity and also an addiction to the idiot box.

The question now is how in one to judge how much television is too much and also how to fix the problem. Some pointers below will help in this regard:

  • What is too much – The first thing to do here is to understand what is meant by too much television. If you find that the idiot box is on when the kids are doing homework, when they are eating their meals and even when they are playing with their toys, this is a sure sign that they are watching too much television. Roughly estimated an hour maximum in a day is considered average television viewing for the kids, any more than this and it does mean that the children are getting too much of it.
  • How to control – The next question now is how can one harness television viewing and for this we need to realize why we fell into the trap to begin with. As single moms we have such little time and often we tend to use the television as a distraction. So if we are looking to clean the house, cook or even get some office work done in peace, we will make the kids watch TV while we do our chores. This attitude is what will need to be changed. You have to run your home as if there was no television available. You will also watch the TV only once the kids have gone to bed. If they eat, they should eat on the dining table, homework should be done with no distractions and as often as possible encourage the kids to play games indoors and outdoors in order to entertain themselves.
  • What is good television – Now just giving the TV a bad name is also not a great idea since there are some good programs here too. As a single mom you will have to see what is good television? Pick educational programs that will add to the child’s knowledge. When the kid is watching TV make sure the program is age appropriate and that there is no violence shown. It is a fact that kids do try and mimic what they see on TV and if the program is violent or sexual in nature, kids should not be exposed to it.

There is good television and this is the one we as single moms need to expose our kids too. While the child should not spend very long hours with the computer either, the damage in the case of the latter is not that much since it stimulates the brain. The idiot box dulls the brain and this works against us.

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