Jewelry Care

JewelryAs women, almost all of us love and own jewelry. In many cases this jewelry is also expensive. It is sad then that it is the more expensive jewelry that easier goes from dazzling to dull if not cared for. Even your most expensive jewelry item will fade out and may even get damaged if not cared for.

Here are some tips that will help you care for your jewelry in a way that you are able to enjoy these items for an extended period of time:

  • Clean – It is important to clean jewelry periodically since dirt can not only tarnish it but can also lead to a fungal growth in the nooks of the jewelry. Many women leave rings on when they cook, bake, and food can get stuck to rings. Most women wear jewelry and make up together and while they will clean their face and remove the makeup, they forget to clean the jewelry item on which the same makeup might have rubbed of. Right from ear rings to necklaces, everything must be kept clean of makeup since the chemicals here can react with the jewelry element.
  • Dry – After cleaning the jewelry item make sure you dry it fully. Some times detergents and soaps can get stuck in the jewelry piece and combined with moisture will rob the jewelry of its glory. While there are certain jewelry items that can withstand ammonia, not all can and this is why it is best to clean with alcohol and dry the jewelry completely before putting it away for storage.
  • Storage – Jewelry must be stored properly if we are to use it for long. Almost each one of us who has jewelry will store it in some place or the other. While we may give a lot of attention to keeping it safe from theft we often forget to keep it safe from the elements. The items must be well laid out and not shoved into a pouch together. Not placing the jewelry properly will result in the ornament coming lose or breaking from crucial points which can be very damaging indeed.
  • Repair – These are times when despite the best care, the jewelry will suffer some damage and here repairing it as soon as possible is important. Remember the most you delay the repair the more are the chances that the damage will increase over time. If the jewelry is expensive and made of precious elements and stones, it is best to seek professional care in this regard.

Whether we inherited jewelry or bought it, it is most of the time expensive. Right from rings, ear-rings, necklaces to even bracelets, all sort of jewelry needs to be cared for. The tips of course are handy in this arena, but it will also do good to follow specific care instruction for each jewelry piece, since it is a fact that the care demanded by gold is different from the care a silver jewelry item will require.

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