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It’s All About Attitude

It's All About Attitude

Melphine Evans’ 15-year-old daughter calls her mom her hero. That’s probably because with all her work responsibilities, this single mom manages to sing songs with her children first thing in the morning and make it to their games later in the day. On the job, as Controller of Centralized Functions at BP’s corporate offices in London, she manages business costs  Read More »

The Best Time to Search for College Scholarships is Now!

Search for College Scholarships is Now

Summer, between your junior and senior year is the best time to search for college scholarships. Senior year is guaranteed to be busy with college applications. If you have a high school senior at home, advise them to take the time now to research and apply for scholarships. You won’t regret it! Here are 7 scholarship search tips I recommend  Read More »

How 9th Grade Geometry Changed My Life

How 9th Grade Geometry Changed My Life

My second semester of Geometry, in 9th grade, was the year I fell in love with math. That semester math just finally clicked for me. I remember truly enjoying using a compass to measure angles and loving my introduction into trigonometry. This was quickly becoming my favorite class. When my family learned about my love of Geometry, they suggested I consider  Read More »