Single Moms Job Search

Have you considered taking a part time job? A job for a few hours a day is an option for single moms to earn some additional income. It is also a transition to going back to work after raising children. Part time jobs are particularly attractive to moms due to their flexibility. It allows moms to schedule the work around their children's schedule. Find in this section Advice for Job Seekers, Information on How to Prepare a Resume, How to Prepare for an Interview, Advice on How to Negotiate for a Position. Find Job Listings.

Job Search Tips

You often have the feeling that you have done everything possible when it comes to your job search. Still no success yet! For sure this can be frustrating but keep in mind that there is a large number of unemployed people hunting for a limited number of jobs. Competition is tough. Nowadays it … [Read more...]

Job Seeker Tool Kit

Job Search

Take charge of your job search by improving your visibility on Just started your job search? Need resume help? Applying for jobs taking too long? Can't get past the first interview? Curious who is looking at your resume? Employers aren't calling? Find free career tests, create … [Read more...]

Job Loss

Job Loss

The headlines tell the story: lay-offs and furloughs, reorganizations, and closings. If you’ve recently lost your job, your first thoughts may be, “What do I do now? How will I pay my bills?” To Do Contact your organization’s personnel department. Find out how long you will have health … [Read more...]


Work from home

Want to work from home or make some extra money? Ads for work-at-home opportunities may appeal to you. But before you send in any money in response to an offer, check it out. Fraudulent promoters use the classifieds and the Internet to tout all kinds of work-at-home offers, from medical billing and … [Read more...]