June’s Kid of the Month

MicahMicah is the June’s Kid of the Month

Micah is 6 years old and autistic. He has come along way, but still has daily struggles.  Micahs favorite person right now is Troy Polamalu from The Steelers, because everyone says he looks just like him. Micah said he wanted to change his name to Troy but we said no lol He has his up and down days, but I am truly blessed to have him in my life. He recently became champion in weapons division in martial arts for the whole season. He also does really well with bowling, and has been bowling since he was 2!

“Micah, no matter what kind of day you are having, I lvoe you and so do your brothers and sister. Your smile brightens our day and we are so blessed to have you in our life.  Just remember how special you are! “

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