Keep the House Clean? Are You Kidding Me?

Keep the House Clean? Are You Kidding Me?It has been said that keeping our home clean and organized sets a great example for our children. It reflects pride and importance about our surroundings. It would be a disservice to our family if we didn’t keep our homes tidy and that it can actually give us the blues. It can deplete the quality and integrity that we work so hard for.

Organized and tidy? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDNG! Raising three children and also keeping my house in order? You know it’s time to do laundry when after a shower you’re drying off with an oven mitt. At times I needed a search party to find my keys, glasses, (my sanity)! I found Jesus three years ago, but I couldn’t find a pair of matching socks to save my life! (No pun intended.) I tried different ways of becoming organized to save time. I’d get up and clean the house every fifteen minutes. I’d wear tomorrow’s outfit to bed the night before (with accessories).

I used to hate it when people would just stop over! I was afraid my house would be a mess! Even Jesus could have just stopped by: “I’m here to bring you blessings and gifts” and I’d probably panic! Peeking through a barely opened door… “You can’t come in! Come back in twenty minutes!” And then like a mad woman, throw everything in the closet! I remember telling my kids we needed to clean the house because if social services stopped by, we’d all be taken away. (Is that bad?)

I must confess: Keeping the house clean and organized is hard work. Maintaining a clean and organized home feels great and offers a sense of pride! The pleasure we all felt walking into a clean and tidy room after a long day, felt wonderful. In time, it did set in with my children and they began the same behavior: Keepin’ it clean! Down with Dirty Blues!

Article by Julie Kidd

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