Keep Toxins Out

A glass of water
“Drinking enough water will help you wash out any toxins that you may have unknowingly allowed into your system”

Toxins enter our bodies much more easily than we know. Even walking around on a busy street can be a gateway for toxins to enter our body. Right from the food we eat to the air we breathe, not to mention the water we drink, everything may contain toxins. These toxins play havoc with our system and also lay the foundation of some very serious ailments like cancer, etc.

Just like we guard our homes against damaging elements, it is important to guard our bodies against toxins. So below are a few tips on how to keep toxins at bay and clear our system regularly:

  • Healthy eating – Most of us think of healthy eating only when we are trying to lose weight. However, while a bowl of salad maybe very low in calories, it can be high in toxins if the cabbage leaves are pesticide laden and the salad sauce is full of preservatives. So when you think of eating healthy, go a step beyond the calorie count. Eat foods as fresh as possible. Wash all foods before you eat them and cook the food properly too. When eating products in their raw form, make sure you clean them thoroughly and that they do not have any chemicals on them.
  • Drink water – Alcohol and caffeine both introduce toxins in our system and water is the only thing that washes them out. So begin your day with a glass of warm water and end it with a glass of warm water too. Drinking enough water will help you wash out any toxins that you may have unknowingly allowed into your system. So every time thirst comes calling, simply pick up a glass of water and clean your system. Experts believe that having about 8 to 10 glasses of water is a must to keep your system clean of toxins.
  • Exercise – Not many of us realize it, but exercise is a great way to clean up our system. When we exercise, we sweat. This sweat helps remove toxins from the body which one can simply wash away. This is also a reason why steam rooms work so well in order to cleanse our system of toxins. Even for those who exercise on a regular basis, taking steam therapy at least once a week is highly recommended. Not only does it relax your muscles but also helps to clean up the toxins from the skin and body.

If we are able to keep our bodies clear of toxins, half the battle against diseases have already been won. In today’s world it is getting absolutely impossible to live a toxin free life since pollution seems to have crept up everywhere. All the same we must continue to cleanse our systems on a regular basis so that we can lead healthy lives. It will also help to keep the environment as clean as possible since this is where the toxins come from. So keep the tips listed above in mind and try your very best to lead a toxin free life.

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