Learning the Art of Multitasking

MultitaskingAs mothers we need to play several roles and in many cases these roles have to be carried out all at once. A normal morning in the routine of a mom will have her packing kids off to school, getting ready for work herself, and winding up the kitchen and in some cases tending to the pets also. Indeed, this requires the mom to have four pairs of hands at least. While our hands are two, we do need to learn how to multitask so that we are able to stay on top of things and play our roles of a women, mother and sometimes professional with equal satisfaction.

A few tips below will help to learn how to multitask better:

  • Mix difficult and easy – The first step is to begin by mixing two tasks and here it is important to mix the difficult with the easy and not the easy with the easy or the difficult with the difficult. So if you are working on a serious project report, it will help to do the laundry side by side, since this will not take up too much of mind space. On the other hand if you decide to write your project while cooking something fancy in the kitchen, chances are you will ruin them both. Cooking demands your attention and so does the project report, which means that either one or both will end up getting compromised. So the basic formula of multitasking is to mix jobs that are easy with those that are difficult.
  • Find time pockets – In order to multitask you have to learn to find time pocket that are empty. So if you have a visit to the doctor, then the time you spend in the waiting room is free. It is here that you can fill in an activity like jotting down ideas for your kid’s birthday party or thinking up of a solution for an office task. In the time that you get between meetings in the office, you could talk to other mothers regarding play date. If commuting by public transport, you could work make phone calls or work on projects too. The trick is to find free time pockets and utilize them to the best of your advantage.
  • Prepare – There are time periods in your day where the work will be relatively lighter and then time periods where everything seem to be coming down together. It is important to prepare for the busy time during the free time. So if morning are hectic, try and organize as much as you can one evening before. The kids’ snacks, your own lunch can all be done the evening before. If the kids’ clothes, their bags, your clothes and office files are all in order the evening before, you will simply need to have breakfast and send the kids off to school in the morning. This does relive the stress on the morning significantly. All preparing the kids lunch and your lunch and clothes, etc can all be done while you watch evening television with the family.

Multitasking is an art that works for everyone but is am absolute necessity for single mothers.

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