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Child support, custody and adoptions are all hot topics now days. There are so many questions on child support, guidelines, visitations, agreements and the list goes on. Finding the answers to these questions are sometimes hard to find, which is why we continuously update this section to ensure you mommies get all the answers you need. Here you will also find information pertaining to adoptions, like the types of questions you ask and foreign adoptions.

As always, contact us if there is something you are searching for and is not listed, we will do our best to update our systems to insure we have the most up to date information as possible.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Missing & Exploited Children

The organization serves as the nation’s resource on the issues of missing and sexually exploited children. It provides information and resources to law enforcement, parents, children including child victims as well as other professionals. NCMEC Resources for Parents & Guardians NCMEC wants to help you protect your children by teaching them to be safer and make smart decisions. The best  Read More »

How to Make Shared Custody Work

How to Make Shared Custody Work

• Realize that although you and your partner can no longer function as a couple you must continue to function as parents together. Put aside your anger and hurt, and resolve to work together for the good of your child. • Expect to have disagreements. After all, you did split up for a reason. When you disagree, try not to do so  Read More »

Child Support Assistance in Florida

Child Support Assistance

Child support is something every single parent is entitled to; and something you shouldn’t have to go through alone. The process can become confusing and overwhelming, and just down right exhausting to the point where you just give up. The amount of paperwork, financial information required and locating the absent parent, it’s just all so much for one person to  Read More »