Life as a Single Mom

Single moms have at times complex and difficult lives, and sometimes it is very comforting knowing others have experienced similar trials.

They need to provide a safe and healthy environment for their children, while also trying to have a personal life. Single moms find here articles, tips, advice, as well as inspirational stories on how to find balance in their lives.

There are some amazing moms doing amazing things and they are very anxious to share their stories to motivate and comfort others. Life as a single mom can be very difficult but can be just as rewarding. Being able to relate to one another is something special and this single mom living overview integrates all of this wonderful information of encouragement, direction and guidance in one place. Books for single women especially those written by single mothers are wonderful resources.

Parenting with the End in Mind…by Design


Parenting is a never-ending voyage of discovery—raising a child teaches us who we really are, reveals our strengths and shortcomings, and challenges us to be our best selves as we struggle to be the people our children need us to be. Parenting with the End in Mind…by Design is the perfect guide through this journey. The author, Miranda Bartholomew, tackles  Read More »

Making It Home

Our Christmas cheer vanished like a dream on awakening. Even as I turned the frigid doorknob I could see Jake in the dark, fingering the piece of yellow tape–crime scene tape?– tied to the tree next to our front door. My weariness in making it home after the long drive up north for our annual family holiday visit left my  Read More »

Where Is Daddy Bear

Erin Stokes Son

I was thirty-two in the summer of 2011, and my life was finally beginning to look like something that made sense. It was me and my two girls, Lily, age nine, and Grace, age six. Their Dad and I had separated about four years prior. While still young, they weren’t babies anymore, and their busier school and social schedules had  Read More »

Hope Mission – Summer Youth Camp

Hope Mission from Edmonton operates the Summer Youth Camp for children ages 6 – 17 coming from low income, single parent, foster and group homes. The cost is anywhere from $0 to $300 – whatever the family can afford. Camps run in July and August. Activities include horseback riding, archery, petting zoo, crafts, wagon rides, ropes course, field games, camp  Read More »

The Mom of Many Hats

My favorite hat to wear is the one that consists of being a 30 year old single mom of an amazing 4 month old baby boy, Kaden. I must say that it takes a special person to be a mother! I’m so grateful that God trusted me to take care of this little guy! As mothers, we often dream of  Read More »

Single Moms in Process of Merging Households with Another Single Parent

LeftField Pictures, an award-winning New York City based television production company, which produces the shows “Pawn Stars” and “American restoration”, is looking for single moms who are in a situation of merging households. If you are thinking about, or are in process of, or have just completed merging households with another single parent, Jessica Jorgensen, casting director with the company,  Read More »

Lord, Help Me I’m A Single Mother


Lord, Help Me, I’m a Single Mother is a memoir and collection of poetry about a single mother and the struggles she faced. The life of a single mother ever challenging as you must be both a mother and a father. It is nearly impossible to imagine raising children on your own, but when you have to, either you step  Read More »

No Ride, No Audition… But the Show Will Go On

Clara playing violin

I am so proud of my daughter. For the second year in a row, Clara was selected for All-City Orchestra. It is a musical honor bestowed upon students from the various middle schools in Chesapeake, VA, who have proved through stellar grades, class work and playing tests, that they are the best of the best.  The only thing left for  Read More »

100 Ways to Make a Grumpy Kid Smile

100 Ways to Make a Grumpy Kid Smile

As a mother, I know how it feels to see your child’s face light up with joy, glee or contentment. Unfortunately, no kid, no matter how pleasant his disposition, seems to wear that cheerful expression for long. In my book, 100 Ways to make a Grumpy Kid Smile, I provide loads of tips, advice and instructions on how a mom  Read More »