Amazing Mom Stories

Single mothers find there stories of sacrifice, deception, despair and hope. Get inspired by single moms' uplifting stories of endurance and success in raising along accomplished children. Post your amazing mom story for the chance to win the monthly cash or store card.

Tribute to Moms

The Mom Song Words and music by Jamison J. Statema and Julie Statema by/with the GoFishGuy VERSE 1 If you have a stroller But you’re still a rock and roller You’re a mom If you’re tired of doing dishes And you know who Elmo’s fish is You’re a mom If you have a lot of fun But your work is  Read More »

Are you Fearless Enough to Get Out of the Boat?

Shaunte Yvette Hill

I once read “Grasp the possibilities of radical!” I was intrigued by this powerful statement.  The author continued to say “His radical for you … is just for you. Are you fearless enough to get out of the boat?”  This reference is of Mathew 14: 22-31, where Jesus commands Peter to get out of the boat and for us, it  Read More »

Breaking Point

Beaking Point

As I sat across the conference table from the Regional Marketing Director, it was all I could do to maintain my composure. “Debbie,” Mr. Scott said in a condescending tone, “your numbers are down significantly this quarter, and compared to last year’s figures, you will need a substantial turn around before the 31st to even make budget for the month.   Read More »

This Is a Marathon

This Is a Marathon

I’m a single mom to 2 kids, ages 13 years & 18 months. I know that so many women hold it together, and we all deserve so much credit. I know that there are days when I can’t believe that I’m still sane, still functioning. Sometimes things are such a blur that I can’t remember what I did as opposed  Read More »

The Power Of A Single Mom

Never Give Up!

Being a single mom is not easy. It is the biggest test of my entire life. But I am not going to write all the hardships I have endured in this post but, hopeful, will encougare one single mom to dream again and make the most of her current situation knowing that this too, shall pass. I choose to see  Read More »

When Things Go Wrong

When Things Go Wrong

Divorce is never pleasant on the kids. There is no child in the world that is happy with the separation of the parents and sadly age has little to do with this emotion. My divorce was no different. In fact the kids faced a lot of stuff that was over and above a regular divorce. We had a long and  Read More »

The Sweet Smell of Success

The Sweet Smell of Success

I have regrets no doubt. I have done a lot of stupid things in my life that if I had a chance to undo them, I would. But having my baby girl is not one of them. While I do agree that it was not a very  ‘intelligent’ thing to have a baby despite knowing that the father of the  Read More »