Living Healthy and Body Care

As mothers we have to take care of not only our health but also the health of the rest of the family.

While everyone else seems to get some rest for their jobs, there is never an off day for a single mom. Usually, we tend to put the children’s health before ours, but we need to make every effort to live and be healthy so that we can dedicate themselves to provide for our children even as single moms it is difficult to find the time to tend to sick kids, especially when also working.

Single moms find here tips for living healthy without stress, tips on eating healthy without the pain of diets, tips on buying the right food, tips on living a less stressful life, advice on how to avoid getting sick, tips on body care and more...

Staying Active

Staying Active

An active lifestyle can help every woman. If you think you're too busy with work, family, and all the other demands in your life, listen up! You don't have to be as fit as a professional athlete to benefit from physical activity. In fact, 30 minutes of moderate physical activity on most days of the ... Read More »

Fighting Dry Skin During Winter

Fighting dry skin

Winters always spells trouble for the skin and the hair. The skin loses moisture during the colder months and this leads to intense dryness and also lays the foundation for wrinkles and fine lines. In some cases the dryness could also lead to itchiness and cause rashes also. With just a little care ... Read More »

Keep Hair Tangle Free Naturally

Keep Hair Tangle Free Naturally

Long hair does look good and can add tremendously to lady’s appearance. Well cared hair is not only nice to look at, but also symbolizes health since skin and hair are always considered mirrors of a person's health. The one problem that strikes almost anyone with long hair is dealing with tangles. ... Read More »

3 Doable Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss

Being over weight is not just about lowering your cosmetic appeal; it’s about lowering your health quotient too. Sadly while gaining weight hardly takes much, losing weight is never easy. One has to exercise, eat right, drink enough water, get proper rest and so much more and even then you may not ... Read More »