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It's tough to run a household, do errands and look after children on a daily basis.

Around the House brings to you a wealth of information, tips, advice on how to save time in the kitchen, and around the house. Learn how natural, day to day substances are a better alternative to detergents, learn tricks on how to save time cleaning, how to save on household and personal care items, how to host parties for your kids on a budget, pros and cons of keeping a pet, and much more.

In the end, if we could only get our kids to wash the dishes every day and our friends and relatives to stop setting up blind dates, then we REALLY would have more time and less frustration!

How to Furnish Your Home on a Budget

Furnishing a new apartment or house is a financial challenge. Even if you’ve set yourself a budget, and are willing to forego some luxuries, it will still cost a few hundred dollars (at least, if not thousands) to furnish your home with even just the basics (a couch, a dining room table, beds). Luckily, there are a few creative methods  Read More »

How to Store Spices

How to Store Spices

Spices help add taste to our foods and almost every kitchen in the world has a few spices stored in it. Interestingly, if not stored properly these spices can go bad very fast and sadly even ruin the taste of our food, in worse cases, they can contaminate it. Storing spices can be a tricky task since if stored in  Read More »

Jewelry Care


As women, almost all of us love and own jewelry. In many cases this jewelry is also expensive. It is sad then that it is the more expensive jewelry that easier goes from dazzling to dull if not cared for. Even your most expensive jewelry item will fade out and may even get damaged if not cared for. Here are  Read More »

House Breaking a Pet Pup

Pet Pup

Pups are adorable and almost everyone wants to cuddle them. However despite there cuteness, a lot of us will shiver at the prospect of bringing these adorable darling home and the main reason for this is the cleaning after factor that comes into play. Pups can take up to two to three months to get house broken and cleaning up  Read More »

Taking Care of Your Silver Heirlooms

Silver spoons

Silver items have a life that can goes down generations. Some of us are blessed to have sliver cutlery, artifacts and even jewelry that has been handed down from your great grandparents. Indeed, if cared for well silver can enjoy a very long life and generations to come after you can enjoy these items too. With the rise of sliver  Read More »

Cleaning the Freezer


Most of us will always have our freezers stocked with food and this is also the reason why we will often put off cleaning them. Not cleaning the freezer regularly can result in the refrigerator malfunctioning and worse still you could end up eating contaminated food. Strangely we often tend to clean the refrigerator but we will put off cleaning  Read More »

Bleach – the Poison We All Keep


Bleach is basically a chemical agent that is often used to lighten color via the process of oxidation. In most of our homes the bleach comes in via products like washing powder, cleaners, and so forth. It is considered a very effective cleaning substance, and it is an active ingredient of almost all cleaning agents. While it is true that  Read More »