Financial Advice and Budgeting Tips

Let’s face it. Making and sticking to a budget is as necessary as it is boring.

Managing a household budget in today's economy can be frustrating, agonizing, and even depressing. For single-parent families often faced with limited resources and options, getting a grip on household finances can be an overwhelming task.

Now there is specific, practical help for anyone trying to get a handle on their finances while heading a family on their own. Learn here how to develop a budget, means to save, spend wisely and make the right choices, and most importantly how to stick to the plan until budgeting becomes routine.

To really getting your budget in line may require rethinking just about everything on which you spend money. You don't have to give up the things you love to save money, but you just have to be willing to look hard. To stash away the big bucks, first chop expenses in housing, transportation and food, and other fixed expenses, then review your discretionary costs.

Free Financial Resources at Your Fingertips

Free online resources

With the unlimited resources on the internet, financial information and resources are much easier to find and use now than they used to be.  I remember calling the bank numerous times when I was shopping for my first home trying to figure out what my price range was.  I was thoroughly confused by the escrow and had no idea how  Read More »

Financial Fitness For Single Moms: 5 Basics of Debt

5 Basics of Debt

A physically fit body is typically the result of good health habits, such as eating healthy; regular exercise; and help from a professional in the health industry. In contrast, if we have poor health habits, such as eating unhealthy food every day; little or no exercise; and no input from a health professional, the result generally is an unhealthy physical  Read More »

Save Money as a Mommy

Save Money as a Mommy

As a mother you are keeping the family together and with all of your responsibility it is also on you to cut your family’s costs and save money where you can. Here are three tips for saving money as a mommy without taking extensive measures. Plan Your Meals Make a weekly meal plan for you and your family. Above all  Read More »

How to Save on School Shopping

How to Save on School Shopping

School shopping can be expensive especially if you have more than one child. Pay attention to sales and bargains and let’s not forget about tax-free week. However there are alternatives to hitting the mall that can get you saving dimes in no time! First off, start by going to garage sales and second hand stores. Some people are looking to  Read More »