Insights Into Family Finances by Randi

Mother, author, and budget extraordinaire, Randi shares her insights into family finances with a realistic point of view.

Her indispensable tool for being in control of her finances: a budget! Read on to see how it not only works for her, but how it can work for you, too!
Randi Lynn Millward, author and mother of 3, resides in northwestern Pennsylvania. She holds a certificate in Creative Writing and Manuscript Marketing and has an ASB in Business Management with an option in Human Resources Management.
Randi is the author of seven books, including Basic Budgeting, 100 Income Streams for Full-time Moms, Beyond the Traditional Lemonade Stand, and A Book About My Grandmother, amongst others, and her writing has appeared in the Business Builders section of the Christian Work At Home Moms (CWAHM) newsletter on more than a dozen occasions.
Randi's books are available on and other participating retailers. Basic Budgeting, is a very useful tool for anyone and everyone to be in control of their finances. It is easy to understand, very useful to single moms. The book is also very affordable. highly recommends it.
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I Spend Too Much Money on Food

I spend too much money on food

We eat a healthy non-GMO diet, mostly organic, so I don’t expect our food to be cheap.  I’d really like to lower my food budget, but I’m not sure how to.  I recently read a food article buy a woman who feeds her family of 6 (5 of whom are boys with double-digit ages!) on $600 a month.  Sadly, that  Read More »

I’m Tired of Budgeting

I'm Tired of Budgeting

I know I should be getting ready to close out December’s budget, figure out January’s budget with my new goal of putting more money into investments every month, and getting various financial records ready for income tax season, but I just don’t want to. I’m tired of finances. I’m tired of record-keeping. I’m just plain tired. I’ve been budgeting for  Read More »

All Dollar Stores Are Not The Same

Gold coins

I always assumed that I was saving money and getting the best possible price on nearly all of the items that I purchased at my local Dollar General store.  After all, a dollar store is a place for absolute rock-bottom prices, right?  Surely the prices I was paying had to be the lowest… or not. With my oldest daughter’s upcoming  Read More »

The Bank Reversed My Late Fees

The Bank Reversed My Late Fees

I learned that I was charged a $20 late fee, for the past 2 months, for late payments on my home equity line of credit, and that I had overdue payments.  Unsure as to how this happened, I called the bank right away.  After all, I didn’t want this to ruin my credit. I didn’t understand how I could have  Read More »

Tax Season’s Almost Here!

Tax season

Just a reminder, tax season is almost here!  Make sure to open all of your mail.  Even an envelope that appears to contain junk mail may contain valuable documents that you may need when filing your income taxes.  Employers have until the last day of January to mail out income tax statements, so you may not receive them until early  Read More »

Resolve to Be in Control of Your Finances


With the 2013 ended, it’s time to reflect upon the past year, appreciate the good, make peace with the not-so-good, and identify areas of our lives that we’d like to do better in this new year. Many people resolve to lose weight, exercise, or eat healthier, a resolution that I believe is brought on by holiday weight gain.  Physical health  Read More »