Louisiana Prevention Services

Prevention ServicesThe Department of Health and Hospital’s Office of Behavioral Health has regional offices throughout the state which offer various prevention services to lower the substance abuse rate among its citizens.

Prevention services includes programs to teach parenting skills, after-school tutorial sessions, summer diversionary programs, summer recreational activities, as well as University-based and school-based programs. This service also has numerous special programs to help keep people from abusing alcohol and drugs.

Access a listing of prevention contract service providers here.
For more information on the programs available please contact the Office of Behavioral Health directly using the information provided.
Primary Phone Number: ( 225 ) 342 – 6717
Secondary Phone Number: ( 800 ) 290 – 8750
Fax Number: ( 225 ) 342 – 3875
Leslie Brougham, Director of Prevention Services
( 225 ) 342 – 5705

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