Make Money on a Product You Believe In

Make Money on a Product You Believe InSo far this year, I’ve had 3 friends or acquaintances try to recruit me to their sales team. I’d love to earn some extra money from home, but I just couldn’t sell a product I don’t stand behind 100%.

I don’t travel, so the travel company was out. I make my own cleaning products, Melaleuca wouldn’t work for me. I don’t eat anything that contains genetically modified (cloned) ingredients, so I couldn’t in good conscience sell Amway products either.

I used to sell Avon products years ago, but I’ve become such a naturalist that I can’t promote products with chemical ingredients, artificial preservatives, dangerous aluminum, and God knows what else.

So, I resigned myself to not having extra income from a direct sales business. I really wanted the extra money, but I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t sell a product that I don’t use and love. But that’s fine, I haven’t been involved in a direct sales business in years anyway, so I just figured I never would be again.

Then, I saw an ad for an intriguing product. It looked nice, but I didn’t want to spend money unnecessarily, so I didn’t buy it. Then, I saw a promotion for the product, so I entered the giveaway hoping to win. Well, I didn’t. Then, I read a great review for the intriguing piece of hair jewelry. That did it, I wanted one.

I went to the website, but I was reluctant to spend the money, so I searched online to see if I could find a cheap knock-off. No luck. Not even on ebay. Well then, I decided I didn’t really need one after all.

Shortly after that, the hot weather arrived. I bought countless hair ties, berettes, and clips from my local discount store, but none of them fit right or stayed in place long enough. My go-to hair accessory was my claw clip, but I hated how it kept sliding out of place and poking me in the head.

Then came the hair clip ads and reviews again. That did it, I was going to buy one no matter what the price. As I filled my online shopping cart with various sizes and styles, I realized that I couldn’t spend that much on hair clips. I needed to narrow it down. But what sizes? What styles? I’m awful at making decisions. There were too many choices.

Then, I saw a link on the website where I could sign up to sell the unique hair clips I wanted so much, and by becoming a Lilla Rose consultant, I could get a 30%. So, I signed up, and right away I ordered the party package which came with 5 flexi clips, all different sizes and styles chosen by the company.

Whew! I got out of making that decision! They decided what sizes and styles for me. Some people may not like that, but I was relieved, and I saved money.

I couldn’t wait to get my flexi clips in the mail. It seemed like it took forever, but it actually only took 5 days. When they got here, I immediately opened them and tried them in my hair and my daughters’ hair. And let me just say “WOW!”. I couldn’t be happier. I love them. They fit so nicely, stay in place, and don’t hurt.

Finally, I found a direct sales product I could honestly recommend to others. It took years, but it finally happened. Yes, I know I sound giddy, but I’m so happy. My high standards sure can make life difficult sometimes, but people who know me will know that I’m selling them a good quality product because of my commitment to high standards.

So the moral of this very giddy story is: I love my flexi clip! Not really. I mean, I do love it, but what you can glean from this article is that you can earn extra income through direct sales, it’s best to only sell a product you love, and high standards aren’t always a bad thing. There, those are real insights, right? So, if you’re looking for extra income, it’s never too late to get back into the direct sales business. Be patient, and good luck!

Article by Randi Millward

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