Making it Work

Single parenting, being the breadwinner AND going back to school? Who can do it all? Well guess what, we ALL can! The help is out there, and here at we also offer support. So together, let’s Make it Work!

We will never walk alone.Balance. It’s a word I never really paid much attention too when I was younger, that’s probably because I didn’t have so many things to balance out in my life before. But now, as a working single mom, I do, as many of us do. So how to you throw school into the mix of being a parent and a provider? None of us want to lose out on time with our children or miss PTA meetings or bedtime, but these seem to be the scarifies we have to make in order to get that oh so important piece of paper confirming your education.

If you have young children, it can feel that going to school will force you to miss out on watching them grow up. As much as that statement has some truth to it, it also carries a catch 22. What happens if you choose that having more time with your children is more important than furthering your education? What example are you setting for them? Yes, you will be able to see all their plays and read them their bedtime stories, but what about security? Although they will miss you, and you them, you will be doing them justice by insuring a better future for them by going back to school. Sometimes it’s the big picture we have to look at instead of the here and now.

Now if your children are a little older, you have an advantage.  Teenagers tend to be more self-sufficient and require less attention. This will give you the time to get the ball rolling on your education. Knowing that teens can be somewhat rebellious, you even have the option for on-line schooling so you can still keep a watchful eye on them.

If you are struggling financially, and cannot afford to go to school, please visit our financial aid section, maybe there will some information in there to get you going. even guides you on how to properly fill out FAFSA forms and provides a vast variety of information to help you with financial needs for schooling.

In either scenario school is a BIG step and a HUGE commitment; but it is one that is worth it in the long run. I know, personally as a mom, that I encourage my son to do well in school on a daily basis. I explain how much easier his life would be if he gets a good education and not just skates by like most kids do. But how is that fair when I have yet to go back myself?

There are always going to be obstacles and walls in front of you attempting to keep you down; you just have to find the strength, and energy, to break through them. We all deserve the opportunity to better ourselves and to provide more for our children. We, as parents, just have to make the sacrifices to get there.

Here and now, I am making the choice to better my life, and not for me, but for my son. So I will be making the sacrifice to go back to school and along the way I will learn how to “balance” it all out. All good things fall into place if you let them. How many of you mommies are going to join me in this journey?

Written by Veronica Diaz

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