Managing Work and a Sick Kid

Sick KidThe one problem that working moms often suffer from is having to handle work and a sick child at the same time. While it is possible to leave kids at home with sitters or in daycare when they feel fine, when they get sick, the scenario changes completely. Most sick kids will pine for their mothers and working moms don’t always have the luxury of taking an off and tending to the kid.

While there is no one clear way out of this dilemma, there are a few pointers that can help to manage the work scenario and a sick child at the same time. Some such tips are detailed below:

  • Get work home – The best option in your baby is sick is to see if you can get your work home. With technology having progressed today most of us are able to work from home in virtual space. If you work allows, bring it home so that once you have calmed the kid you can get to work. This will also allow you to check on the child periodically and you can get the work completed too. When you do get work home, do not presume that you will be able to manage a cranky kid and work all by yourself and if you have the option of calling someone for help, do exercise it.
  • Stay in touch- In case your work does not allow you to stay away from office, call for a reliable baby sitter who the child is comfortable with. Let the sitter know about the medicines and then leave for work. Set you timer so that you are reminded to call home every couple of hours or so. Remember the whole idea behind calling home is not only to look into the child’s situation but also offer her some sort of moral support in her illness. In some cases kids tend to cry more when mommy calls and here it may work better to not remind her that you are not in the house.
  • Hurry home – When the baby is sick and you are forced to go to work, try and wrap up as soon as possible. Work faster and finish up quickly so that you can get home sooner. Any work that you can bring home, carry it home with you. All the tasks that you are to finish in office, attack them first.

Sick children can be very cranky and clingy too. As far as possible try and stay with the kid and take off from work. You can work over the weekend and get back up to date with the work. However, if that is not an option, then keep the tips listed above in mind and it will help you keep a better control on the situation.

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