May’s Kids of the Month

Gianna, Anthony & AlexandraGianna, Anthony and Alexandra are May’s Kids of the Month

My son is my hero.  Being diagnosed with autism at an early age, he has overcome many of the obstacles that have barraged him.  He is now playing baseball in our home town.  A team sport!  My girls are beautiful little ladies.  They support their brother and are the best mommy-helpers!

I love you all so very much.  Bigger than the earth…forever and ever…and always and aways.

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  1. jess says

    I teach adaptive exercise to autistic, blind,deaf, disabled,profound children and I just recently taught them tee ball. The autistic children love it. They understand the game and loved to chased without getting out. The children don’t understand the “getting out” concept, but as long as they are happy hitting the ball and getting chased it’s fine. I incorporate obstacle courses in my class, Lego activities, ping pong, bowling, fitness exercises, dance, music learning centers, and gymnastics. They love my class. The autistic children can be a challenge, but they love routine and repetition.

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