My Friends and a Cup of Coffee

My Friends and a Cup of Coffee As I sit here sipping my coffee, I am thinking about all of you single mother’s and sending prayers your way. Last night I was holding our newest grandchild, two month old baby Ella. As with my other grandchildren I see hope in their eyes. Hope that our world will maintain human kindness that will last a lifetime. Hope that this child and all others will bring more joy and compassion to our world. Hope that every mother sees the light of opportunity, forgiveness and love in their precious child. Hope that doing what’s right will always win out. Hope that those who suffer might know their are many others who say a prayer to honor them.

Whenever you feel alone and isolated, I know what you are feeling, and so do many others who have walked in your shoes. Embrace all that is good in yourself and ignore the negative images and thoughts that cloud your thinking. As a mother, you are also the HOPE that is needed. Imagine yourself stronger, to fight those difficult battles you face. Imagine yourself empowered with hope that change is coming, and it will be good. Believe in yourself to make the right choices, from your heart, and follow your path. Every day offers us a chance to learn more about ourselves, and discover something new. Faith and prayer may guide us through our daily lives, but without Hope, there are no dreams fulfilled. Hope is a prayer all on it’s own… and reminds each of us, we matter. Next time you sip your cup of coffee, know that I am thinking of you and sending my love.

Article by Laurie Cesario-Overton

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