Organization – Key to Success

SuccessOrganization is one of the greatest tools to success. To validate my point let me give you two examples from systems we rely on daily. If your child’s school has no daily schedule or lesson plans to follow, what would that school look like? Would the environment be calm and conducive to learning? Or would it be chaos? Could the school obtain their goals of education? What about a business? What if there are no job descriptions, work & lunch schedules and everyone just showed up with no goals or plan for the day? Would that business succeed?

No school, business, home or life can function effectively without planning, goals and schedules, including ours. Unmanageable lives equate to unfulfilling lives, being unorganized will steal your time and sap your energy.

An organized life is a spiritual life. A life fill with order is a life filled with peace, joy and time to focus on the things we love and need. If we are always “busy”, we may be depriving ourselves of the down time to rejuvenate and get the spiritual connection we need to maintain that busy lifestyle. We all know as single moms how much is weighing on our shoulders.

Maybe your organizational system consists of storing everything in your head – one of those master minds that have a brain that work like a planner, naturally filing and distributing info when you need it. Or you may be one of the less fortunate ones like me who need tools to create focus and order.

Step one is to “Keep it simple”, when I look at my “to dos” in life I tend to feel overwhelmed and discouraged. Start with a calendar and list all the activities you have in that month, get it out of your head and onto paper so you have more mental space for daily focus. It is also a good idea to list these dates in your cell phone calendar or daily planner also. Next, look at your week, use a weekly planning form listed on the website below or whatever you have handy. If you’re feeling overwhelmed you may need to list your entire week hour by hour, and then do an honest review to determine if your time is well spent. Prioritize – is there something you’re doing that is not conducive to your goals, or just stealing your time? First check it off and one by one do what is needed to simplify your time.

If guilt is causing you to avoid a confrontation to change then get a support system in place, a friend or family member that will encourage you during the process. Doing things for others that take time away from obtaining our goals can be one of the greatest obstacles to a productive and serene life.

OK, getting back to organizing. After viewing your week create a daily “to do” list. Do the best you can to follow it. Check each item off as it’s done, this helps you see and feel progress. If you were not able to complete the list that day, roll it over to the next day, no biggie, as long as you are moving forward, you are taking charge of your life!

This website has every form needed to organize your life and manage your household. Keep it simple, don’t overwhelm yourself, if you complicate the process you won’t stick with it. Remember, give it time and commitment, change doesn’t take place by using a new plan for one week. If the plan doesn’t work, try another one. Sometimes it takes finding out what doesn’t work until we find what does. Giving up too soon can sabotage your success – You can do this!

Reminder: If your life is chaotic, so is the life of your children.

Written by Renee Blankenship

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