Our Families Our Future

HelpOur Families Our Future is a Wyoming non-profit organization that helps low-income single mothers on their path to economic self-sufficiency. Their CLIMB Wyoming programs train and place women in demand occupations and careers that earn livable wages. Almost 40% of single mothers in Wyoming are living at or below the Federal poverty level, but the staff and partners of Our Families Our Future are working to reverse this statistic by empowering single mothers to improve their lives and the lives of their children.

The Our Families Our Future intervention model is based on the Fleming Associates Young Parent Program, which was established in Laramie County in 1986 to meet the educational, work and life skills needs of low-income single parents. This is a nationally acclaimed paradigm for moving disadvantaged single mothers out of poverty.

Our Families Our Future

1001 W. 31st Street,
Wyoming 82001

Phone: (307) 778‑4126, Fax: (307) 778‑1867

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