What if You’re Overcharged at a Store?

 What if You're Overcharged at a Store?I went to the store today to pick up a few things, but while I was there, I saw that the fall and winter clothing was on clearance, so I picked up a jacket for my youngest child and a jacket for my oldest.  After all, they were only $3 each… or so I thought.

The sign on the clothing rack said $3.  Another sign stated that blue dot and gray dot apparel was only $3.  The jackets were both on $3 racks and had gray dots on their tags.  Unfortunately, at the register, they rang up for full-price.

Usually I pay very close attention at check-out, but today the cashier had me quite distracted with some wonderful news, like prodigal son type news, and it affected both me and her.  So, when she told me the total, I paid and left, not really thinking about prices very much.  Since I’m on a budget though, I had to review my receipt at home to record my purchases, and I was surprised to see that I was charged full price for both jackets.

So, what do you do if you’re overcharged?  Had I been paying attention when the cashier was ringing up the jackets, I could’ve questioned the price right away.  Then, either the cashier would have adjusted the price for me, or I would’ve had to decide whether to pay full price or put the jackets back.  Now that I’m home, my options are to either keep the jackets that I paid full price for, or return them to the store.

Although my budget does allow for my occasional impulse shopping, it lets me know how much money I can afford to spend on impulse purchases.  That helps me to not feel guilty if I sometimes overpay or buy something unnecessary.

So, what do you do if you’re overcharged?  That’s up to you.  Whatever you do though, use your budget!

Article by Randi Millward

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