Owning Your Own Business and Significantly Improve Your Financial Situation – with Professor Tanyanika Babies

Be a winner to attend tele-workshop seminars teaching you about owning your own business and significantly improving your financial situation.  Enter to win a seat at the Tele-Workshop seminars, which will change your life around.

Professor Tan Babies would like to sponsor YOU, by mentoring you in a group on Owning Your Own Business and Significantly Improve Your Financial Situation.

The program meet virtually, with Tan Babies coaching the attendees individually online.

The members of the program will attend the tele-workshops online. Each member will be given a code. They will be able to send in questions, attend the seminars, which is the same seminar taught to college students at Tauro College and the Metropolitan College in New York.

Four workshop seminars will be given over the teleconference:

  • 1.  Starting where you are!
  • 2. Don’t reinvent the wheel.
  • 3. Financing with no money? Its possible!
  • 4. Getting started now – your business plan.

The goal, by the end of November, you will have your own financial business up and going. Tan Babies will provide mentoring as far as location, marketing, advertising; she even provides the software for free.

Tan Babies, owner of Black Dog Staffing & Technologies (Financial), is known for helping single parents and victims of domestic abuse start their own business. In short, she helps single moms just like you – start their own business in 6 months.  No Franchise, 100% owned by the mom.

In addition to starting her own financial business without any loans or grants – Tan Babies has a Master’s Degree in International Business, has been a college professor for over 8.5 years teaching entrepreneurship and small business start-up, and has over 14 yrs. management experience. She has authored a book entitled “Woman, You Can Have It All!” and has helped many single parents start from nothing to making well over 100K per year.

Having been a single parent herself, she understand the challenges of trying to provide the income of two parents, the time and attention of two parents – but being only one parent.  I understood that if I worked hard to provide my child with the basic things and better, I wouldn’t have time to raise her.  Ironically, if I stayed home to raise my child, I wouldn’t be able to have the financial means to expose her to the many wonderful things NYC and the world has to  offer.

Tan’s challenges include being homeless in NYC for the first 4 months of moving there from a small town in Alabama.  Her daughter was born at 5 months, and was extremely premature, weighing less than 2 sticks of butter – ONLY 1 lb!!! Faced with challenge after challenge Tan survived and thrived! A woman’s resolute desire to overcome, and her passion for education was key – however, Entrepreneurism is the answer.

Professor Tan Babies would love to talk with you about changing your life.

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Professor Tan Babies
“A woman’s resolute desire to overcome, and her passion for education was key – however, Entrepreneurism is the answer”

About Woman, You Can Have It All! by Tan Babies
Professor Babies’ Ultimate Success Formula for Women in Love, Money & Health
“If you have ever been discouraged, if you have had difficulties in overcoming obstacles which have broken your spirit, if you have tried repeatedly and failed repeatedly, if you have suffered from an ailment or handicap that prevented you from being successful and having it all, please read on.”

About the Author
Professor Tan Babies is an entertaining and energetic Coach who motivates you to reach your goals and celebrate life. She is down-to-earth, and feels that common sense and hard work are necessary to achieve your goals. She is a Professor of Business, entrepreneur, businesswoman and author; Professor Babies has gained extensive experience from owning a Consulting Business and specializes in coaching professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs on a broad range of issues pertinent to work and life balance.

Qualifications and Educational Background: Tan holds a Master’s Degree in International Business from Long Island University New York. She has studied at the European Business School of London, London, and Franklin College, Lugano, Switzerland. In addition, she holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Management utilized in the Consulting field for 10 years. She continues to employ the principle of “Positive Plan of Action” for success and performance enhancement.

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  1. Michelle says

    Since 2004 after my husband died, (with no insurance), I have been trying to complete my education. However raising the last 3 out of 5 children on my own has not been easy. I have used up my financial aid and am completely discouraged that I may never realize my dream of owning a 3d/4d ultrasound business.

    I have thought about applying for an SBA loan but have terrible credit (low 500’s) due to a tenant who put my house into foreclosure and destroyed my A-1 Credit years ago. I also had a repossession, not to mention having to resort to credit cards just to buy diapers!

    I was a good student got good grades. I took many classes in business, computers, marketing, communications, database, excel, biology, statistics, etc..yet here I am..nowhere and with no family support. We run out of toilet paper every month even with my daughter bagging groceries to help out. At my wits end!

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