Paolo’s Adventures – The Tale of a Very Brave Little Kitty

The book's cover…A True Story of Healing Hearts

Banguero’s book tells of Paolo’s rescue from the wild last year with his three siblings. They were healthy, but Paolo’s chest hadn’t fully developed and his heart and lungs were under stress. The kitten grew short of breath easily and his prospects seemed grim.

“Paolo made an amazing recovery and so did I,” says author Carolyn Banguero who was on the heart transplant list one year ago. “I never did get a transplant and have made a near complete recovery that doctors cannot explain,” says the author of Paolo’s Adventures who has had to give up teaching elementary school because of her health.

“One of the reasons I wrote a book about Paolo’s heart problems and corrective surgery was simply to have something to do while I was being treated. I knew his story because I volunteer at the shelter that rescued him and oversaw his medical treatment.”

Paolo’s Adventures, geared toward elementary-school aged children, reveals what happened next and where Paolo is today. “The happy news is that Paolo’s health outlook is very good and he’s recently celebrated his first birthday. He lives in this area and will be coming to some book events with me because the book raises money for the shelter that saved him.”

A book by Carolyn Banguero, illustrated by Betsy Schairer

Brave Little KittyPaolo’s Adventures – The Tale of a Very Brave Little Kitty
(Excerpts – come back to read new weekly excerpt)

‘One cold, frosty November morning, a little family of kittens woke up in the woods.  There were four brothers and sisters.  Two kittens had shiny, black fur and bright green eyes.  The other two had soft, fluffy orange fur with white stripes and white paws.  The two orange kittens looked pretty much the same on the outside but were very different on the inside.  One of them, Paolo, for some reason, when he ran, quickly lost his breath, and he didn’t know why!  This made poor Paolo certainly sad.  Each time the kittens played chase or tag or climbed a tree, Paolo had to stay behind in the grass or sit on a log.’


second excerpt“One day, while the kitten family was busy catching mice for breakfast, they saw a different kind of animal.  This animal stood on two legs and had fur only on the top of the head.  Paolo thought he had seen this type of animal before.  He knew they could be very mean.  Once, Paolo saw two of these animals with nets catching other cats.  This animal did not have a net and walked up to the kittens slowly and spoke in a soft voice.

“I think that is called a person.  Mother told me about them,” Paolo’s brother said.

“Here kitty, kitty,” the voice said.

A large hand reached out and patiently waited.  No one went near that hand!  After a while, the person left.  However, something caught the kittens’ eyes.  It was a large box with an open door.  Paolo and the rest of the kittens went near and saw that inside there was a bowl of meat.”


third excrept “Paolo decided he was too hungry to resist. He crept slowly to the entrance of the box. It was extremely scary looking. Paolo’s nose caught the scent of delicious tuna. He heard his brother and sisters sitting nearby and holding their breath in anticipation. Paolo put one paw in front of the other very slowly and then took one step inside the dark box. Nothing happened. As soon as Paolo fully entered the box, the door slammed shut behind him.
What could Paolo do now?”


Paolo's Adventures“Just as Paolo was thinking about his brother and sisters, he heard the loudest roar ever.  It was like a giant cat.  After the loud roar, there was a constant purr coming from this huge beast.  And Paolo seemed to be inside it!  After a long time of rocking inside this big beast, the noise and the movement stopped.  He heard some other loud noises and then saw a burst of sunlight.  It was the person again! “


Paolo's Adventures“The cage was again lifted and taken into yet another large box that looked like an enormous cave. Paolo was taken inside and put into a  huge room. He quickly scurried under a thing that had a large, flat surface. And who did Paolo see there? His brother and sisters! They were all squished together in the corner. He ran over to them, huffing and puffing as he went. They all meowed at Paolo in greeting. The kittens explained to him that they too had just arrived and were terribly scared. However, the kittens were so happy to be all together again! They played, ate, and slept a lot.”


Paolo's Adventures“Once more, the kitten found himself inside the belly of the loud monster, rocking back and forth. After what seemed like a long time,  the loud, rocking monster stopped. A hand reached down, grabbed the cage,  and started moving Paolo into another, bigger cave. He really wished he could be back with his brother and sisters after losing them before.”


Paolo's Adventures“It’s ok,” one cat said. “These people are so nice and take such good care of us! We love them,” the voice continued.
“Who are you? Where are you?” Paolo asked.
“I’m Teddy. And you must be Paolo! I heard them talking about you.” Teddy had the same orange striped fur, only he was much bigger. He was in the cage next to Paolo and could see through the bars on the cage.”


Paolo's Adventures“That night Paolo was so tired he immediately fell asleep and started to dream. He had dreams about his brother and sisters, cages, and lots of people. Paolo dreamed of large monsters that growled and purred. In the morning, he was still very tired, even after all that dreaming.”


Paolo's Adventures“He squirmed and turned his body round and round, but there was a white jacket that wouldn’t come off. Again, Paolo did not know what to do. Teddy saw Paolo struggling, and explained what was going on. “Sometimes, when cats are sick, they wear these white things that are called jackets or casts. Lots of cats have worn them,” the large cat informed Paolo.”


About the Author:
Carolyn Banguero loves reading to children, salsa dancing and traveling. She taught third grade for eight years before her heart condition forced her retirement.  She volunteers at MEOW Cat Rescue in Kirkland, Washington which is where she first learned about Paolo. A percentage of her book’s proceeds are being donated to MEOW. She lives in Newcastle, Washington with her husband, Edgar, her cats Gia and Kensey and her dog, Jana.

About the Illustrator:
Betsy Schairer is a mixed media artist and graduate of Western Washington University.  She works at Northwest College of Art in Poulsbo, WA and is the proud Cat-Mom of a 10-year-old tabby named Puck.

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