Parenting and Kids Resources

Raising children is probably the most challenging job for parents but raising them alone and being responsible for so many aspects of their development can be harder than expected.

New single moms facing the caring and nurturing of a newborn alone can find answers to many questions and read many stories from other moms and professionals ready to help. Parenting advice and tips are always welcome but can mean survival for the single mom handling homework, play dates, growing pains, TV censorship, teen topics and special need children. Parenting resources offers a wealth of information on caring for children with disabilities and challenging topics. Car seat safety information can save lives and Internet safety can keep our children protected against the new world of open communication and information at the click of the mouse.

The Selfish Mother

In recent discussions with my daughters, we’ve been talking about the expanding  role that mothers play in taking care of the whole family. We discussed the work schedules, and the long, exhausting commutes many parents have. I realize women have come a long way, but we still have to work on our guilt-obsessed view of ourselves. Women must nurture the  Read More »


Everybody needs love. Not a day goes by that I don’t tell someone that I love them. There are a lot of hurt people in our world and the first way to connect is through compassion. Our children teach that lesson everyday. The way they take your hand, look at your face, cuddle in your arms, or bring you to  Read More »

The New Year, The New You

Alone for the Holidays

How many of you dread making New Year’s resolutions? I for one stopped making them, long ago. There’s a certain feel of disappointment if I’m not always on track, and then I question did I make them for the right reason to begin with. I like to turn those resolutions around and instead of searching high and low for the  Read More »

Grateful Thanks

Please forgive me with this article. Usually I like to write uplifting stories that inspire us to be our best, do our best and be grateful for all that we have. Certainly, there is enough sadness in our world everyday, to remind us all, that many others are worse off. As I sit down to write I couldn’t help but  Read More »


Think about your life, right now, at this very moment. If you had to do it all over again, would you? If you could take back the first path you walked on would you change direction? When you first met that “special” guy, would you have said, “next.” If you could have gone back to school, held off on that  Read More »

The Forever Factor

It won’t be like this forever. Your burdens won’t last forever. Your bills won’t be around forever. You won’t have school forever. You won’t struggle forever. You won’t have car problems forever. You won’t be around rude people forever. You won’t have to hold your child’s hand forever. You won’t have to brush your daughter’s hair forever. You won’t have  Read More »

A Mother’s Son


A Mother’s Son So often we talk about how to get through life as a single mom. What to do about our financial problems, how to manage the ever changing roles single mothers carry. We discuss the relationships of our past, and talk about how we can make better choices in the future. We share our worries, our burdens, our  Read More »

The Perfect Mom

Really? No, there is no such thing. Just as the magazines and media can present the photo-shopped perfect image, (again, no such thing)… moms can get caught up in that whole notion of comparing themselves to what looks like the “perfect” mom. Mapping out quality time with your kids, getting your laundry washed for your family, putting food on the  Read More »

The Loss of a Dog

A Dog

Our 4th of July was a little different this year. Like many families, ours is scattered in different corners, and except for the main Holidays, it’s getting more and more difficult for all of us to get together. I had contacted the kids a few weeks back and told them our family dog of 16 years was in failing health.  Read More »