Alice’s Stories About Real-life

Be inspired by reading Alice’s stories about real-life situations that single parents face. Learn how strength, determination and faith can overturn any obstacle that comes our way.

As a result of a devastating experience she and her children endured, Alice started writing in 1995 – just to journal for comfort; that journal turned into a book, Saved by Grace, A Gift from God, in 2007. In 2010, her and youngest son co-authored Pep Stephen, I Live with My Mom, which she published through her publishing company, A. Monterio Publishing.
Alice will continue to write and publish books to entertain, encourage and inspire others who face challenging circumstances. She knows that we can overcome anything with the right mind and spirit.

Dream, Work, Nurture, Dream

Book Single Mom Syndrome

We work a nine to five stable job, which provides life insurance, health insurance, dental, 401K, vacation time and sick leave. Whew. We need all that “stuff” to care for our children. It’s like a survival kit, and without it, we may just crumble and fall to the ground, in little itty bitty pieces. At the end of our hectic  Read More »

Beating the Odds

Sometimes it feels as though it’s all up hill.  We are constantly going against the grain of “something”, especially, during the school year.  The hustle and bustle can ware us out to the point of dampening our spirit.  There is much to keep up with, getting to school on time, homework, science projects, school activities, PASS Testing, just to name  Read More »

Back Bone!

Have you ever felt like collapsing from sheer exhaustion?   Have you ever felt pummeled by harsh, unsolicited, opinions?  Well, I have.  There are occasions when I feel like I could just lie down and give up.  There are times when all my might feels as though it’s been kicked out of me; a spineless jelly fish and no back bone  Read More »

When There’s No “He” in She

No He in She

“Mommy, why won’t daddy answer my phone calls or call me back?” was my son’s question – at the age of six- after the umpteenth time of trying to get in touch with his dad.  How do you answer that question?  Honestly, is how I tried, “I don’t know, honey, he’s just not thinking.  It has nothing to do with  Read More »

Your Child’s Education

Your Child's Education

Doctor, lawyer, entrepreneur; Butcher, baker, candlestick maker… we just don’t know.  We just don’t know what our children may grow up to become, but we MUST give them a fighting chance out of the gate. I must admit that my son makes it very easy for me, as far as his schooling goes.  He has been an A/B Honor Roll  Read More »

Love You, First

Love you first

It’s 4:15 a.m., the alarm goes off, and I’m up and running.  We get dressed and hurry out the door for our one hour drive to school and work.  Not much time to think of my needs.  I drop my son off and head to work.  The hustle and bustle of the day leaves no room for self-gratification. Now we’re  Read More »

Decisions! Decisions!! DECISIONS!!!


What should I make for dinner tonight?  What daycare should my child attend?  What school should my son attend?  Should I let my daughter attend the spring dance?  Should I really purchase a new car right now?  Should I purchase this particular car?  Where should we live?  Will this be a safe neighborhood for my children?  Should I purchase this  Read More »

Money Matters

Money matters

In the matter of money, the thing I’ve learned most, is that money matters. I use to think that a penny was just a penny and a dime was just a dime.  I use to reason, “Oh, it’s just five bucks; I can spend it on a coffee.”  I use to think that five, ten, or twenty dollars wouldn’t make  Read More »