Kid of the Month

Kid of the MonthBeing a parent is not an easy task,
but we hope this will make your day.

Here is the chance for you to show-off your wonderful kid(s) to the world, to tell the world what your little boy/girl did that make your day, to express your love to your kid(s), and to the people that care for parents like you.

Would you like to see your picture with your child here, on our Kid of the Month section? Submit your kid's photo with a short caption, and your kid may appear here.

February’s Kid of the Month

Savannah Jade Ruiz

Savannah Jade Ruiz is February Kid of the Month. Savannah Jade Ruiz is 2 yrs old. As lil as she is you wouldn't imagine how big of a personality she carries. This little girl is smart, beautiful, talented, & the most loving. Little girl. She makes me and everyone around her smile. She … [Read more...]

January’s Kids of the Month

January's Kids of the Month

Blanca and Rylee are January's Kids of the Month. Blanca, 7 yrs old, is my beautiful dreamer, big smiler, & my kindest heart holder. She will make sure you see the small streak of blue in the sky after a rain storm, she reassures me of my ability & my talents as her mom. She is smarter … [Read more...]

December’s Kids of the Month

Austin and Addison are December's Kids of the Month

Austin and Addison are December's Kids of the Month Austin is silly and very intelligent. I love when he is telling me something serious and ends it with a joke that cracks him up. Addison is my little tough and fearless princess that has a smile that makes my day. "Austin, always remember … [Read more...]

May’s Kids of the Month

Gianna, Anthony & Alexandra

Gianna, Anthony and Alexandra are May's Kids of the Month My son is my hero.  Being diagnosed with autism at an early age, he has overcome many of the obstacles that have barraged him.  He is now playing baseball in our home town.  A team sport!  My girls are beautiful little ladies.  They … [Read more...]

February’s Kid of the Month


Rhandi'Lynn is February's Kid of the Month Rhandi'Lynn is 5 years old and she's my little Rock Star.  She's a very active little girl with a lively personality and crazy sense of humor. She enjoys being very girly, watching cartoons, and playing dress up. Everyday it's an adventure with her and … [Read more...]

January’s Kid of the Month


Feeorin is January's Kid of the Month My daughter is my angel. I love her for many reasons, she is a very smart four year old and always wants to do everything her own way. She makes friends very easily by making them laugh at her.  I am very blessed to have such a shining star in my … [Read more...]

December’s Kids of the Month

Luke and Nathan

Luke and Nathan are December's Kids of the Month Luke (left) 3.5 years and Nathan (right) 2.5 years old These are my sweet boys! They have made me the strong person I am and though it hasn't been easy, I couldn't have done it without them! They have forced me to believe myself capable of … [Read more...]

November’s Kid of the Month


Timmy is November's Kid of the Month Timmy always starts a new day by standing up from his Wee Bed and humming a tune, looking at me with sunny smile,then jumping up and down happily. When I feel upset, he makes me forget the unhappiness. "Baby, Don't you know nothing is more important than … [Read more...]

October’s Kid of the Month

Kid of the Month

Ezrah James is October's Kid of the Month His name is Ezrah James, born July 6, 2011. He's now 26 pounds and 33 inches long of pure love and joy. My curly haired, brown eyed  little guy is as independent as he is extremely attached to me. He's still transitioning from baby to toddler, but he's … [Read more...]

September’s Kid of the Month


Kaiah is September's Kid of the Month Kaiah is my baby girl, and my world. She was born on April 18, 2012. She makes my whole world brighter. Whether i am happy or sad, she always makes things better. She is just starting to laugh and it just makes me so proud. She loves her pacifiers. She is … [Read more...]