Mary - a Mom on a Mission

Have you ever told your child to "Say thank you," or "Tell your sister you're sorry!" or "Say the magic word?"

Most parents have said those words - often over and over. But when our kids say "Thank you," "I'm sorry," or "please" after being prompted, are they really being genuine, or just saying the words? This very question changed mom Mary O'Donohue's life when she realized that teaching kids to say the right words wasn't nearly enough if there was no meaning behind them. So she set out to change that by developing a unique month-by-month system for teaching children values.

Now an award winning parenting author, Mary is a mom on a mission to help 21st century parents raise ethical kids.

The Importance of Living a Happy Life

Happy Day

July is Sense of Joy Month! It’s the month my family focuses on the importance of living a happy life, by being a joyful person and by bringing joy to others. I’d like to share an excerpt from my book about happiness: When my son was two-and-a-half-years old, he taught me a lesson about joy I will never forget. It  Read More »

3 Steps to a Heartfelt Apology


Have you ever been on a playground when your child grabs a toy from another child? What’s the first thing you say? I know what used to come out of my mouth within seconds. “Give that back right now. And say you’re sorry!” But, you know what? I regret that. And I don’t tell my kids to say they’re sorry  Read More »

7 Easy Ways to Put Compassion Into Action


Happy May! For my family, that means this is Compassion Month, the time every year when we focus on this incredibly powerful value. In this excerpt from my book, I define what compassion means to me: (My son) asked me what compassion actually is. I told him that compassion is being aware that someone else is suffering and wanting to  Read More »

A Mom on a Mission


A few years back, I was feeling particularly overwhelmed as a mother. I felt like every minute of my day was jam packed with responsibilities and obligations. You know what I mean – I had to meet an important deadline at work by 1PM yet somehow manage to get away to my daughter’s Kindergarten pre‐Thanksgiving banquet at noon. Oh and  Read More »

When You Say “Thank You,” Mean It

When You Say Thank You, Mean It

Everyone wants their children to be happy, responsible, and well adjusted, but there’s no rulebook to teach parents how to do so–until now. In this book, you’ll learn how Mary O’Donohue, a proud mother of two, developed a practical program that allows parents to instill timeless values in their children over the course of one year. Focusing on one key  Read More »

About The Author:
Mary O’Donohue is a married mom of two school-aged children and an award winning parenting author. Her book, When You Say “Thank You,” Mean It, is a practical month-by-month guide helping busy 21st century parents instill 12 heartfelt values like gratitude, self respect, and respect for others, in their children. Mary’s mom was widowed when Mary and her three siblings were in grammar school, so she has a special appreciation for extraordinary single moms. She can be reached through her web site at Mary would be delighted if you would follow her on Twitter! @Mary_ODonohue