Parenting Tips and Advice

Raising children is tough – and it’s many times tougher if you’re a single parent.

You’ve got to balance a busy and complicated adult life with the health and happiness of your children. Everything from getting your kid to school to finding time to run errands is harder when you don’t have a built-in support network. You have to play the roles of educator, enforcer, caregiver, comforting parent. Fortunately, you’re not alone.

Read here advice on how to handle parenting issues. This section also provides information on parenting children with special needs, homeschooling, parenting resources for all ages, and much more.

Why Teens Aren’t Listening

Why Teens Won't LIsten

Teenagers have a reputation of being monsters. They seem to defy all logic and be on a perpetual grump with their parents. Despite having no apparent conflict with the parents, teens do tend to be a bit moody. There seems no one clear way of handling this situation but it is also true that understanding the root cause of the  Read More »

Beating the Odds

Sometimes it feels as though it’s all up hill.  We are constantly going against the grain of “something”, especially, during the school year.  The hustle and bustle can ware us out to the point of dampening our spirit.  There is much to keep up with, getting to school on time, homework, science projects, school activities, PASS Testing, just to name  Read More »

Potty Training Your Toddler

Potty Training

Getting your child out of diapers and into underpants can be a difficult process. There is a lot of advice out there and since each child will respond differently to the potty training, there is no saying which one will work for you kid. Thankfully we do know for sure that give or take a few weeks all kids come  Read More »

No Child’s Play

No Child’s Play

The story is about is single mother who at the tender age of nineteen is completely taken aback by all the responsibilities that come along with child rearing. Her fumbling for some support and finally managing to find some help in this arena forms the rest of the story.